Sports Car

Dodge Challenger*

A winner for the seventh straight year, the Challenger proves the retro styling formula is still a winner for sports car buyers, new and used alike. The Challenger keeps putting together wins year-after-year by offering a stylish package with engines ranging from quick, to fast, to bonkers. Entry level models have a V6 that is quick, with enough performance for day-to-day driving. The R/T gets treated to the venerable 5.7L V8 Hemi, with enough power to get you hauled in by the local constabulary. The bonkers option is the SRT version of the Challenger, equipped with a face-warping 6.4L V8, it truly has what it takes to create lots of smiles per mile and smoky burn-outs too. The entire line-up is one that buyers are looking to get a hold of, keeping used prices high and pushing it to win the Canadian Black Book 2018 Best Retained Value Award.

*Indicates top 3 finish in 2017