Full-size Luxury Crossover-SUV

Mercedes-Benz G-Class*

If practical and sensible are at the top of your shopping list, then the G-Class is unlikely to fit the bill. G-Class is an emotional purchase that fills the “I want” versus the “I need” ledger. Unlike the rest of the Mercedes-Benz line up, luxury, refinement, comfort and handling do not describe the G-Class. Built originally as a military vehicle capable of blazing trails, the suspension and underpinnings are utilitarian, not technologically advanced. It is a large vehicle that feels even larger because of its less than modern driving dynamics. But at the end of the day, none of this matters. The G-Class makes a statement in its unique styling and exclusivity. For those who can afford it, the G-Class stands apart from other luxury SUVs and attracts attention which keeps demand and retained values high.

*Indicates top 3 finish in 2018