COVID-19 Weekly Automotive Market Update 10/20/2020

SUMMARY • Vehicle prices have sustained greater stability in the Canadian wholesale marketplace last week, continuing a calming trend that has almost lasted a full month. • Car segments decreased in wholesale value last week by -0.13%, and Trucks decreased by -0.02%. This is the first time since the week of September 18th that both […]

2017 Audi Q5: Small yet a Perfect SUV

Making the decision to invest in a new car is a big one! There is a lot of thought that goes into the specific needs you are hoping to meet with a car as well as what kind of style you would like to see. It is a good idea to take your time and […]

LA VALEUR – Numéro 34: La deuxième vague déferle : qu’en est-il?

Par: Brian Murphy Cette année, l’Action de grâce a été une fête bizarre et pas des plus agréables pour de nombreuses familles canadiennes, et je pense que nous ne sommes pas près de l’oublier. D’un bout à l’autre du pays, on nous a demandé de limiter nos célébrations au strict minimum afin de contribuer à […]


Pour septembre, l’Indice de la valeur retenue des véhicules d’occasion a atteint un nouveau record, soit 109 points. L’indice a été créé en janvier 2005 avec un point de départ de « 100 » points. Le rebond spectaculaire des valeurs a débuté lorsque les ventes ont repris après le relâchement des mesures de confinement en lien avec […]

COVID-19 Mise à jour sur le marché 13 octobre 2020

RÉSUMÉ • Les prix des véhicules ont continué à se stabiliser davantage dans le marché canadien de gros la semaine dernière. • Les valeurs de gros des segments de voitures ont gagné 0,01pour cent tandis que les camions ont augmenté de 0,12 pour cent. Ces résultats sont très semblables à ceux de la semaine précédente. […]

A Few Simple Fuel Saving Tips

One of the most frustrating aspects about owning a vehicle is just how much money you spend on gas. In fact, filling up your vehicle can become so expensive that it might not even seem worth it sometimes! To help combat this issue, there are several things that can be done to help make the […]

The Value Issue #34: 2020 TalkAuto@Home Full Line Up of Speakers Announced

9th Annual Will Be Virtual Keeping with COVID-19 Physical Distancing Best Practices Markham, ON, October 15, 2020 – Since the original announcement in late August of this year’s TalkAuto Canada Conference plans to go virtual, organizers have now finalized the roster of presenters for the 2020 virtual event, TalkAuto@Home. TalkAuto@Home will feature a new expert […]

The Value Issue #34: The Second Wave is Rolling In: Now What?

By: Brian Murphy, VP Research & Analytics at CBB This year marked a peculiar and uncomfortable Thanksgiving holiday for many Canadian families. I expect most will not forget it. In much of the country we were asked to scale back our holiday activities to the bare minimum, all in the name of the fight to […]


For September, the Canadian Black Book Used Vehicle Retention Index has hit a new all-time high of 109 points. The Index commenced in January 2005 when the starting point of “100” Index points began. A dramatic rebound of used values began when sales commenced after COVID-19 lockdown measures eased . The surge in demand, combined […]

What Makes the 2016 Toyota 4runner Unstoppable

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? One of the most important things you can do is take the time to really research the type of vehicle that you are interested in buying. Because there are so many great options, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed when the time to make a […]