COVID-19 Weekly Automotive Market Update 9/29/2020

To download this report as a PDF, click here. SUMMARY  Canadian wholesale used vehicle prices remained almost unchanged this past week, after trendsetting declines the previous week.   Cars increased in value by 0.02%, and Trucks declined by -0.02%. These are very small changes, but they are evidence of last week’s overall price stabilization.  U.S. wholesale used vehicle prices this past week saw both Trucks and Cars decline in value. Car wholesale prices fell […]

Why Buying a Used Car Certified is necessary?

As a consumer, you may have heard the terms certified pre-owned when shopping for a vehicle but have no idea what the term actually means. When shopping for used vehicles, this term is what you want to look for. Most manufacturers have certified pre-owned vehicles for sale which means that the vehicle has been inspected […]

Battle of the SUVs: Honda HR-V vs Toyota RAV 4

One of the most popular vehicle categories in today’s auto industry is that of the small SUV. These vehicles are often beloved thanks to their ability to be both easy to maneuver as well as spacious. They offer plenty of cargo space and the kind of cabin space you need for road trips without the […]

2017 Toyota Camry: More Value for the Same Price

While some of the trims have had standard equipment upgrades, the 2017 Toyota Camry can be taken home for the same great price that was offered in the previous model year. Here’s what you can expect from this years’ model of the Toyota Camry, adding value without raising the price. New Features: • Toyota’s decided to […]

Canadian Black Book: COVID-19 Market Update 9-22-2020

SUMMARY • Canadian wholesale used vehicle prices weakened this past week, reversing the trend of recent weeks. • Cars decreased in value by -0.02% and Trucks declined by -0.07%, which are small weekly changes, however they may signal a shift in market direction. • U.S. wholesale used vehicle prices this past week saw both Trucks […]

La conférence TalkAuto Canada 2020 va de l’avant de façon virtuelle

La 9e édition de l’événement aura lieu en ligne afin de préserver la distanciation physique en lien avec la COVID-19 La semaine du 16 novembre 2020 aura lieu la conférence annuelle TalkAuto Canada organisée par le Canadian Black Book et J.D. Power. Pour cette neuvième édition toutefois, les choses seront bien différentes. L’événement de cette […]

Août 2020 voit une croissance mensuelle record de l’Indice de la valeur retenue du Canadian Black Book

Pour le mois d’août, l’Indice de la valeur retenue des véhicules d’occasion du Canadian Black Book a enregistré une hausse mensuelle record de 3,73 points d’indice, soit 3,60 pour cent. Cet indice mensuel mesure la valeur retenue réelle des véhicules de deux à six ans sur le marché canadien. L’indice est rajusté en fonction des […]

Mes prévisions de futuriste : de jours meilleurs en 2023?

Par Brian Murphy, vice-président, Recherche et analyse, Canadian Black Book Les six derniers mois ont été particulièrement difficiles pour nous tous. Ceci est certes vrai du domaine de l’automobile, mais également de tous et chacun dans le monde. Chaque jour je me rappelle à moi-même et à ceux qui m’entourent que cette crise est temporaire […]

A breakdown of Tires and what works best for your vehicle

Hitting the market for a new set of tires can be a bit daunting if you don’t know the ins and outs of car tires. The good news is we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about changing car tires in this helpful guide! Finding the right tire depends on your vehicle and what […]

2018 Ford EcoSport SUV debuts for American Market

For many of us, new cars just tend to appear on the market. Much of our first exposure to new vehicles happens when we drive past car lots or go car shopping. Many of us don’t pay much attention to the market. However, for those that do, they understand just how exciting it is when […]