10 Must Do Tips for Car Maintenance this Spring

May 29 2020

Winter is a rough time for many people, and that’s perhaps especially true for those dwelling in Canada, home to the eternally cold and long season. By the time that spring rolls around, everyone is ready to break out of their houses and get back to living life! One of the best feelings in the world is taking your car out of “winter mode” and getting back on the roads as the sun begins to shine and the snow begins to melt. There are a few things that you should do in order to ensure that your car is successfully brought out of hibernation and it’s important to keep them in mind. Let’s look at the 10 must-do tips for spring car maintenance!

1. Inspect Your Battery
One of the first things you want to do when spring rolls around is to check out how well your battery has held up throughout the winter! This is especially true if your car has been in storage, however, you should make time for this step regardless as the winter can be particularly hard upon your battery.

2. Check Your Engine Oil
In addition to checking your battery, you should also make sure that you test the oil in your engine to ensure that it is adequate. Keep in mind that if your car has been sitting dormant in storage all winter long, you should opt for fresh oil in order to keep your engine healthy.

3. Check Coolant Level
How are you doing on coolant? Just like with oil, coolant is a necessary component for a healthy car. Make sure that you have plenty of it in your vehicle, and spring for some extra if you are running low.

4. Check Power Steering, Fuel, and Brake Fluid Levels
There are many things you must check when it comes to fluid levels in your car. Remember that these will help keep your vehicle running smoothly, so do not skip when going through spring maintenance for your car.

5. Visually Examine Your Vehicle
The next thing you want to do is spend some time simply looking over your vehicle for signs of wear and tear. Check for any fluid leaks or frayed wiring. Make sure all of the hoses in question are secure along with things like clamps.

6. Check Your Tires
If you switched to winter tires, it’s time to switch back! Even if you didn’t, the winter can be difficult upon your vehicle. A good bit of car maintenance is to check the tires routinely to ensure they are in good shape.

7. Check Brakes
Make sure your brakes have enough rotor and pad material to function.

8. Check Your Exhaust
Do not underestimate just how rough winter can be upon your vehicle! Check the exhaust and make sure that everything is working well.

9. Wash It
One of the nicest things to do when spring finally breaks is to take your car through a nice car wash! Rinse off all of that winter dirt and grime.

10. Have it Detailed
It might also be nice to have your vehicle detailed, especially if you haven’t done so all winter long.

Are you ready to take your car out of winter mode? Follow our car maintenance tips and enjoy the springtime!