2016 Audi Q3: A Compact Crossover that’s Sure to Impress

December 16 2019

It has been a trait in Canada that only large-sized SUVs could meet consumer demand. However, by way of experience and some quality products, there are many SUV owners believing that great products can come out in smaller designs. The compact crossover Q3 is the smallest of Audi’s SUVs but it is a significant competitor in the crossover market segment that has seen exceptional growth during the last 2 years. The Canadian perception of needing large SUVs has been fading, being replaced by a more European outlook towards smaller vehicles, such as the 2016 Audi Q3. This SUV also takes into consideration people size, and those demanding additional headroom combined with utility are provided for in this SUV!

Arriving in North America about 12 months ago, this model has undergone a makeover for 2016. Included has been a more defined “single-frame” grille that combines xenon headlamps, updated LEDs and sequential tail lights, and a new diffuser-style rear fascia. This has the effect of emphasizing the width of the Q3’s rear end, but in a way that is reserved class instead of a brash display.

Audi environment

The 2016 Audi Q3 follows in the tire treads of its esteemed predecessors with a cabin that is reflective of a classic Audi designed interior. This manufacturer is a renowned benchmark for vehicle interiors with black, in abundance created with expert craftsmanship, best quality materials and specific attention to detail. In the case of the Q3, it may be considered less flamboyant than usual, but for the Q3 it is the ideal creation.

The Q3 has an individual personality that makes it a crossover with a wagon influence and offering minimal leaning or rolling sensations. As with the majority of Audi vehicles, there is significant sound reduction that provides a relaxing quietness for driver and passengers. With the “Dynamic Mode” engaged, the Audi Q3 becomes even steadier as well as more responsive. This is compared to the high degree of energy generated by the highly tuned RS-badge vehicles in the Audi range.

In the North American market, only one engine is available and although some motoring enthusiasts may not be overwhelmed with a 200 horsepower output, its fast reacting torque of 207 lb.-ft. Of torque at 1,700 rpm, give the impression of a faster vehicle. When driven at a relatively fast speed the 2016 Audi Q3 fuel economy increases accordingly, but on average it would be reasonable to expect in the region of 8.9 L/100 km, which is very acceptable for an AWD vehicle! The total Q3 package makes for a pleasing and relaxing driving experience, with just a hint that this vehicle offers more than it shows.