2017 Honda Civic: Hatchback or Sedan?

June 26 2020

In the world of Honda vehicles, there are many different types of vehicles to choose from. Two very common types of Honda Civic are Sedans and Hatchbacks, both of which are widely popular. Maybe you are having a difficult time choosing which one would fit your needs best? Have you weighed the pros and cons? If you are trying to decide between a 2017 Honda Civic Sedan and Hatchback, try making a list of what the differences between the two are and what will better serve your needs. This article will help you determine those differences and make the best possible choice.

Let’s first define what a hatchback is. A hatchback is a vehicle with a larger trunk and a rear door that opens up instead of a traditional trunk. Hatchbacks could also include rear seats and fold down to provide more storage.

Some pros of the hatchbacks are usually that they provide more space for both passengers and storage. Hatchbacks are considered more practical than a traditional vehicle for this very reason. Also, hatchbacks such as the Honda Civic are now very stylish and can often be more eye-catching than traditional Sedans, so if looks are what you’re going for the hatchback might be the choice for you. The resale value of Hatchbacks is another benefit, as they often bring in a higher value when reselling than other vehicles.

Of course, there are some cons of owning a Hatchback as well, such as the stigma attached. Many people still associate hatchbacks with the not so cool vehicles of years past, which cause many shoppers to overlook them. Hatchbacks could also be considered lacking in privacy, due to the large windows, especially in the back, that allows passersby to see inside. This could be considered a risk of theft.

A Sedan is a small vehicle that also has an extended trunk and appears longer than hatchbacks. A Sedan is a traditional car that has a trunk instead of the extra cargo space and folding down seats in the rear.

The pros of the Sedan would be that this vehicle provides more legroom due to its length and is usually a smoother ride for everyone. The Sedan is also a quiet vehicle with decreased road noise than other vehicles due to more isolation layers throughout the cabin. And most significantly, many drivers prefer Sedans to Hatchbacks due to the fact that they are easier on the eyes.

Some common cons of owning a Sedan is that they can be most costly and are not as, as well as lacking in storage space and room for more than five passengers at a time.

Now that you are more informed on the differences and pros and cons to Hatchbacks and Sedans, you should be able to make an informed decision on which model of 2017 Honda Civic is the best one for you! Weigh the pros and cons carefully and do your research in order to find out which type of these models can best fit your needs.