5 Popular movies starring a Toyota as a leading vehicle

January 03 2020

Here are 5 movies starring a Toyota brand car, which may bring back some extremely exciting and “living the dream” moments!

Movie 1. “007” and You Only Live Twice is arguably the best place to start back in 1967. It did not have a Tacoma, Tundra or Prius, but this fifth James Bond movie saw the introduction of the Toyota 2000Gt open-top, one of two ever produced. In total, only 351 of this model were manufactured and for many, it’s the sexiest and coolest car to appear in a 007 movie! But, there’s more to follow.

Movie 2. The year 1985 saw the smash hits “Back to the Future,” and for the purpose of this article, it starred the Toyota Tacoma SR5, with Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly. The lurking and menacing style of that black vehicle set the tone for an amazing screen concept and the action that involved a futuristic vehicle. It also inspired the off-screen Marty McFlys' and others in an audience to look at Toyota with a new perspective!

Movie 3. The Fast and the Furious saga began in 2001 and is among the most successful movie franchises. Playing, arguably by some, the leading role among a variety of Toyota models was a striking bright orange 1993 Toyota Supra. If the race in the closing scenes didn’t get the heart pounding and the imagination running rampant for an audience, then nothing would!

Of interest could be the fact that 2017 sees the release of Fast & Furious #8 and expectations of the new Toyota Supra being unveiled!

Movie 4. This movie with the Tundra was launched in 2003. Terminator 3 and Rise of the Machines admittedly may not be the best representation of the series, but this one did have a major star performance from the Toyota Tundra. It was a vehicle particularly favored by Warner Bros, because of its established reputation as a rugged and robust vehicle and ideal for the exciting chase scenes in this story. Arnie can be viewed behind the wheel of this pickup.

Movie 5. The leading character in this 2010 movie, The Other Guys, was cleverly enhanced by the presence of the Toyota Prius. The Barcelona-red hybrid resembled actor Will Ferrell like a mechanical twin, as he portrays a smart, efficient and highly capable persona, with a concealed impressive punch. This sums up the Prius for its many and very happy owners!