Taking a Closer Look at the Ford EcoSport

February 10 2021

Since the Ford EcoSport was first announced on Snapchat, there’s been a noticeable buzz around this car. We reviewed it before it was released onto the market, with a run-through of the features we expected to see. 

Now that the car has had some time to settle in, how has it performed? Let’s take an in-depth look at the Ford EcoSport and the spec that it offers. 

Ford has an impressive range of SUVs and crossovers, and the EcoSport is the smallest of them all. Although the EcoSport is new to Canada, it's been on sale in other markets before which has given Ford the time to perfect the car inside and out. 

On the exterior, the EcoSport lacks the unattractive squarish-ness that plagues larger SUVs and crossovers. It looks sprightly and ready for action, and is one of the more aesthetically pleasing vehicles in the category. The 17” wheels suit the styling of the car better than the smaller 16” but you’ll need to upgrade your trim to receive these. The trunk is worth a special mention as the door doesn’t open upwards but out to the side. This takes a bit of getting used to but saves those unwelcome bumps to the head!

Overall, the car is one of the shortest in its class so it’s not surprising to discover that the cargo room is limited. It’s not a complete disaster but if you wanted to get enough luggage in there for the whole family, you might find it a bit of a squeeze. On the flip side, there’s a lot of headroom so taller passengers will be comfortable. 

The engine is slightly underpowered which is somewhat of a disappointment but the EcoSport handles well and is responsive on the road. Taking 11.4 seconds to go 0-60mph, acceleration isn’t anything special either. Compared to others, this is a relatively slow time. There is a six-speed automatic transmission, but there are no paddles or a manual mode, unlike others. It’s also lacking the continuous variable transmission which can help to deliver a smoother ride. 

Inside the cabin you’ll find a car that exudes comfort. The seated position is quite high but that makes the car easy to climb in and out of. The front seats are heated and the driver has the benefit of a six-way power adjustments to get the best position. 

The back seats can be a bit cramped for adult passengers but this can be eased if the front seats are moved forward slightly. The short wheelbase means that occupants won’t be particularly cushioned from any bumps in the road but there’s little noise in the cabin, which is a major plus point. 

Technology has quite a strong presence in the EcoSport with its partially voice activated system and advanced Sync 3 infotainment system. Navigation apps for both Apple and Android are included and there’s a touchscreen for easy operation. 

Safety is important to Ford and for the larger SUVs there’s a vast suite of features included. There’s not quite as many included as standard in the EcoSport but there are some exceptional features such as the anti-roll control, which outperforms its rivals in the market. A rearview camera, parking sensors and blind-spot monitoring are included as standard features. 

In summary, the Ford EcoSport offers a different dimension in the SUV and crossover market, providing many of the attributes but in a smaller package. While the ride could be smoother and the engine faster, there are many features which are worthy of merit.