A Look at the Ford Explorer Sport

February 26 2021

Ford is a car manufacturer who is credited with playing a major role in the evolution of the industry and today, it still has a diverse collection of models on the market. However, the iconic brand is planning on narrowing its selection in the future and concentrating its services on SUVs, crossovers and trucks. 

In a world which has become increasingly competitive and flooded with brands to buy, Ford is focusing its efforts on what it believes it does the best. For those looking to purchase an SUV or crossover this can only be good news as future models become more innovative and creative with the full might of Ford’s imagination unleashed. 

Ford already has some standout models including the Explorer Sport, an SUV which is now in its 6th generation. First produced in 1990, the Ford Explorer was the first SUV manufactured by Ford, taking the place of the Bronco II in its lineup. In just a few years, the Ford Explorer became one of the best-selling vehicles in the country. The latest generation of Explorer Sport is very visually different from the two-door SUV of the early days, and has continued to grow in popularity despite the competition in the market.

The Ford Explorer was the point where families suddenly realized the futility of trying to cram all the children into smaller cars and wholeheartedly embraced SUVs for the very first time. The latest three-row sprawling design is still just as attractive to families, while also offering some decent off-road capability too. 

Inside the cabin, there is no shortage of space and it feels roomy wherever you sit. The rear seats have a power-fold function, a touch that’s appreciated by parents everywhere who are trying to juggle children and shopping simultaneously. And with all the seating folder down behind the driver, the cargo capacity is nothing short of cavernous. You could comfortably fit a pair of skis into the space without them poking into the driver’s area. 

The twin-turbocharged engine has more than enough grunt to get the Explorer Sport shifting, and it won’t hang around when you press the accelerator. The six-speed transmission may sound pedestrian but coupled with manual paddle-shifters, you’ll find it gives you everything necessary to cruise smoothly at low and top speeds. 

The all-wheel drive is an essential part of the Explorer and a huge plus for freezing winter weather. You’ll have unprecedented grip on the highway, together with the peace of mind of knowing that the Explorer Sport is incredibly stable. But there’s more to it than just a car that copes well with miserable weather; it’s an SUV at its heart with a capacity to shrug off uneven terrain. The large knob in the centre of the driver’s console allows you to choose the mode you want to drive in. With a range of traction settings, the Explorer can handle a variety of off-road challenges just as competently as the pricey Land Rover. When competing with other SUVs that don’t have the same ability, it’s just one feature which helps this car to stand out. 

It’s fair to say the Ford Explorer Sport isn’t the cheapest car around but you’ll be getting a grisly warrior that will stay the distance. Whether you want it to tackle city highways or country roads, the Explorer Sport takes it all in its stride. This SUV is such a strong contender to lead the pack with a design which is almost flawless, it’s not hard to see why Ford have chosen to forego smaller cars and focus their expertise on this market instead.