Before You Buy a Used Subaru Impreza

November 02 2019

The Subaru Imprezas have a reputation for reliability but their safety and a great resale value have ensured their continued popularity among Canadians. What makes for a great driving experience is a wide variety of options and trims, each adding to a ride that is confident and smooth. But if you are looking to buy a used car and thinking of a used Subaru Impreza as one of your main options, you are probably wondering what makes it worth the money.

Economic and Environmentally Friendly

Once you look under the hood, you’ll see that the Impreza has a flat-four 2.0L engine which allows for 28% reduced friction and a more efficient power as a result of refinements and lighter pistons.

The size of the engine enabled a better fuel efficiency. Subaru’s dual active valve control system also improves performance and fuel efficiency. When this engine is teamed with a variable automatic transmission, it uses 6.8L per 100km. If you use the optional six-speed manual transmission, you get 7.1L per 100km.

Drive in Any Type of Weather

Whether you opt for hatchback or sedan version, you can always depend on the all-wheel-drive system which works well in any weather. This is great especially if you live in a region where you have to handle a lot of whether changes - snow, ice, rain or sun, this all-wheel-drive system car will enable you to be safe and move around without difficulties.

Cargo Space and Comfort

Impreza retained the four-door sedan and five-door hatchback configuration while improving its wheelbase which is over two centimetres bigger and improves legroom. While the sedan offers 460l of space, the hatchback has a lot more cargo space - 771l up to the window line and 1230 up to the roof - which is a perfect amount for anyone expecting to travel long distances with luggage.

One of the perks of a Subaru Impreza is that it’s comfortable for both the driver and passengers. For one, it has a soft suspension which helps it drive smoothly over bumps - you’ll barely notice them. Next, it’s really quiet - among the quietest cars of its price range. This is because the cabin is well-insulated from the outside and you’ll hardly hear the suspension or the road noise. Materials used are quality plastic and textiles so it’s also comfortable to sit in for those long drives. Due to increased wheel space and moveable seats, it provides a good driving experience.

One of the Safest Cars in the Price Range

The Impreza is one of the safest cars you can get at this price. It has seven airbags, seat belt reminders for all five seats and a backup camera. It also has a voice recognition which is a great security in case someone tries to steal it. The reversing camera is optional but you should purchase it for optimal safety. There is no automatic emergency braking, though. It also has large windows which offer a better overall view of the road.

The used Subaru Impreza offers a great deal of value for money. Users love it because it’s reliable, comfortable to drive and ride in, it’s safe and fuel efficient as well. Check out CBB pages for best values!