Before You Buy: Mini Cooper

November 08 2019

The Mini Cooper is a vehicle you either love or hate. There is no in between. Some owners adore it and wouldn’t change it for the world. Some wonder why even bother with an underpowered vehicle. But this little hatchback is fun! It’s highly customizable, offers generally decent performance and doesn’t disappoint on many fields. However, if you are discouraged by so many Cooper-haters, you can take a look at the following list where we discuss why the Mini Cooper is good and compare those virtues with its faults.

Super Fun to Drive - Unique and Cheeky

There isn’t another car like it out there - simple as that. Cooper is unique and customizable to your own desires and likes - as well as the budget. Some even say that everyone should own one at least once in their lifetime. While many think that it’s not good for handling, this little car can handle any mountain roads or twists without breaking a sweat - it’s nearly a sports car, just in an amusing package. However, you might want to check the paint job and other aesthetic features of this used vehicle since there have been issues with paint and scratches previously reported by second-hand owners.

Good mileage & Decent Performance

One thing no one can deny when it comes to Mini Cooper is that it has excellent fuel economy.

Spending as low as 7l/100km on a highway, this car is one of the most economical cars out there. Again, check if the car was serviced regularly, especially when it comes to fluids like oil. For such a small vehicle relying on good looks and funky personality for sales, no one would say that it could be a good performer. But in its class, it is. This small vehicle can go from zero to 100 in 7.3 seconds with the automatic and in 7.4 seconds with a six-speed manual. This is decent, especially when you consider that it’s a small car with a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine. The base engine also puts out 134 horsepower from the same engine. However, you can't expect this car to be zippy and it’s not the best performer on open roads - especially if that’s what you are looking for. People who want this car have to make a small sacrifice in performance.

Funky Cabin

Owners often praise the cabin and the quality of it. They state that the materials seem luxurious and upscale compared to some other vehicles in the price range. And truly, the Cooper cabin is fun and amusing to be in. It sometimes feels like being in a toy car. The Mini Cooper is also comfortable both in the front and in the back, although you can’t expect that much leg room in the back as you would in the front, where it’s of the essence. While the space is unique and comfortable, the cargo space is tiny as you would expect and most owners state that they wish they had just a little more. As always with used cars, check for any faults and damages in the cabin to make sure that you are paying for real value.

Safe and Well-equipped

There have been many questions over the years on whether this little vehicle is safe. This probably happens because of the size and the vehicle truly doesn’t look intimidating.

However, it has a myriad of safety features to make up for that. Those are namely 4-wheel ABS, traction control, rearview camera, front and rear head airbags, as well as many other well thought out features and they all come standard. It’s recommended to have all the safety features checked before buying a used Mini Cooper.

If you are looking for a fun car to drive and enjoy without getting too much performance out of it, this is the right vehicle for you. Check out more car values on CBB!