Before you Buy: Mitsubishi RVR

November 10 2019

The Mitsubishi RVR is a vehicle with a powerful engine, great interior, and astonishing performance. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of buying a used Mitsubishi RVR.

First launched for the model year 2011, Mitsubishi RVR was targeted towards urban families and anyone in for an adventure with some off-road possibility. While this vehicle has seen many models, you can be sure that the value of the car hasn’t decreased significantly over the years. This vehicle still has a lot to offer to people looking for something different and quality of a used vehicle without the overpriced luxury or any unnecessary features. If you are thinking of buying this vehicle, you are probably weighing in the pros and the cons. This is why we have assembled this list of possible great things about the vehicle and compared them against some of its faults which can be fixed easily with the money you would save on buying this car.

A Powerful Engine

Four-cylinder power is something you'll probably be happy with from both the 2.0 litre and 2.4-litre engines. This vehicle also has a great all-wheel-drive system which you can rely upon in any weather conditions to provide you with a safe, seamless and effortless driving experience. The All-wheel-drive system also allows for a 4x4 lock, auto and 2-wheel drive setting which would ultimately allow the driver not to use the All-wheel drive system when it's not needed, thus saving fuel and being economic. It offers 148 horsepower which is quite powerful for this vehicle and the price. There is a five-speed manual transmission and drive and all-wheel-drive models come with a CVT automatic.

Good Fuel Economy & Performance

This vehicle has long been praised for the outstanding fuel economy that helped it become one of the more popular vehicles among its class. It used regular fuel and spends about 8.5L/100km in the city while spending 6.7L/100km on the highway which are good numbers considering the size of the vehicle. This car does many things well. For one, it’s quiet and easy to park in tight spaces. You’ll be able to park it quickly just like a much smaller vehicle but you’ll feel like you are driving a full-blown SUV which is a great thing. Next, this car can take you anywhere in the city as it handles narrow roads exceptionally well.

This car offers a pretty good stereo which has been praised by owners in the past. It’s a Rockford Fosgate stereo and it sounds amazing. However, some owners claim that they have a hard time hearing anything due to the outside noise so you might want to check when testing your used vehicle before buying. It could be due to some damage or malfunction - the inside of the vehicle, when not faulty, should be pretty quiet, even with acceleration.

Another thing users complain about is the navigation system so you might want to consider purchasing a more reliable one of you feel like you'll use it often.

Exterior Style

Outside looks have always been one of the big perks of the Mitsubishi cars and this is especially true with the Mitsubishi RVR. Owners love how it looks outside but if you are buying a used car, check for paint chips or any similar aesthetic issues that can cause you to regret the buy. Owners do report these happening all the time and you don’t want to buy a chipped vehicle. Another issue they report is the cheap looking interior but this is just based on personal taste - it works perfectly, the problem is simply in the materials.

If you are looking to buy an affordable, crossover that can still be driven in the city, this is the one for you. Check out CBB for more vehicle values!