Before You Buy: The Pros and Cons of Buying a Jeep Patriot

November 04 2019

Some crossovers are not worth the money but the Jeep Patriot definitely is – it's affordable, offers good performance and great safety. It stands tall with a lot of ground clearance and a more sophisticated, all-wheel-drive system. It looks good, resembling an original Cherokee and with the trademark Jeep grill.

The Jeep Patriot has an electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system and offers an optional Freedom Drive II which includes stiffer springs and raises ground clearance by 23cm. Traction control, stability control, and anti-lock brakes are a staple with every model, making it great for trails and various off-road terrains that users may encounter.

If you are looking for an affordable crossover, you may have stumbled upon this vehicle a few times. The problem is, you are not sure if this vehicle is the right one for you. That's why we have prepared some pros and cons of buying a Jeep Patriot, according to the drivers


Affordable and Good Value

The Jeep Patriot has affordability as one of its main features and it's this way with all the trims and editions. This is especially good because the average user isn't as concerned with some upscale features as they are with the price of having this vehicle. It gives all of the essentials, providing a good driving experience and it ultimately doesn't need any of the additions.


Jeep Patriot is also reliable. This is a common perk with Jeeps and something of a staple with the Patriots. Its features provide for a sturdy and steady off-road driving experience while it's still fairly easy to maneuver in the city.


Jeep Patriots are easy to use due to their simple control panel. This is a functional vehicle, without any extra buttons and gadgets that so many other crossovers have. It keeps the drivers focus on driving rather than on all the fancy additions. You can just sit in it and drive, without figuring out the operating system.


Water Leaks

This is something that a lot of owners have complained about. Rainwater seems to penetrate the cabin either through the dome light or the ceiling. It's recommended to seal the roof once you purchase a used Jeep Patriot because this could be a real issue.

Stalling at Low and High Speeds

The crossover's two-piece fuel tank is using a transfer tube to connect the two parts. This has malfunctioned with owners previously and this is another common issue which causes stalling at high or low speeds. However, dealers do replace damaged fuel transfer tubes.

The End Result

While this vehicle does have some issues – like most vehicles do – it's still a pretty good crossover with great features for the money it costs. Click here to learn more about car values!