Big News! Ford announces the return of the Bronco and Ranger

May 04 2020

The Ford Ranger and the Ford Bronco are back and they are better than ever! If you were feeling nostalgic for these two Ford models, this article is for you! You can find out all you need to know about the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco right here. And if you’re ready to satisfy that nostalgic feeling by purchasing one of these vehicles, check out your local Ford dealer as soon as you can!

Highlights of the Ranger
While the Ford Ranger has always continued to be manufactured in other countries other than Canada, they are not currently being sold to the Canadian public. So it was great news when Ford announced that they will again be manufacturing the Ford Ranger in the United States and selling it in both the US and Canada. While the Ford Ranger will look much like its foreign counterpart, the design and structure will be somewhat updated. The interior, however, will look remarkably different. The engines that will be built into the new Ford Ranger will be either a V6 engine or a turbo 4 cylinder EcoBoost engine. That means that the manual transmission that is so common in the Ford Ranger will not be included in the new version that Ford will be manufacturing, which could be a disappointment for some of the nostalgia seekers.

Highlights of the Bronco
Another big hit among those reminiscing about the long gone vehicles of their younger years is the Ford Bronco. Bronco fans can expect the new version to be a median of the sizes of previous Bronco models, a happy medium. The body of the new Ford Bronco is rumoured to be nearly identical to that of the original 1966 model, which should make the Bronco fans happy to see. The nostalgic Bronco will favour the original model only in appearance, but is also said to be built to offer an off-road version for those wanting to take the Bronco out for a little adventure. The Bronco will also keep its two-door frame, and under the hood it will likely share the same engine specs as the Ford Ranger, as mentioned above.

With both of these nostalgic vehicles coming back to the Canadian market in the near future, the old-school lovers in us all will be rejoicing and living out our glory days every time we see one on the street or take our very own Ford Ranger or Ford Bronco out for a spin. If this article took you back to your youth, why not take one for a spin and then right home to your driveway, I bet you will be glad you did!