Buick Scores a Hit with the Encore

March 26 2020

Way back in 2013, a new series of cars were revealed to a curious audience. These cars redefined what people thought an SUV should be. The Buick Encore was introduced, this car was mostly hatchback, with a touch of crossover, but it was officially called a premium subcompact crossover vehicle. While it didn't exactly roll off the tongue, the Encore certainly impressed in every other aspect. It not only rocked the Canadian market but it quickly became one of Buicks most popular cars. To date they make up for almost half of Buick’s sales volume and are currently in their 7th year of production, they’re also showing no signs of slowing down.

This small and stylish car offered an alternative to the regular loud and bullish SUV that was on the market. The designers were determined to grab the attention of car buyers everywhere and so they created the upscale and luxurious Encore, a car with all-weather traction, excellent gas mileage and city-friendly handling. One detail that's often overlooked with the Encore is the active noise cancellation feature, which creates a wonderfully quiet and comfortable ambience for the driver to really enjoy the ride. All of this is packed into a small body that offers a very satisfying driving experience.

What really makes today's Buick Encore stand apart in the competitive market of SUVs is the standard features that come with the car. It offers car buyers an eight-inch touch screen. Also standard is the push-button ignition which gives it a nice modern feel and steering wheel-mounted controls. The Encore also offers a Bluetooth and rearview camera standard on the base model and if that wasn't enough it comes with OnStar. Another aspect that makes the Encore rank above many of its competitors is the warranty that Buick has, it comes with a four-year/50,000 mile warranty and a six-year/70,00 mile powertrain coverage.

When considering the market that the Buick Encore threw itself into you have to admire its bravery,  the SUV compact vehicle is currently dominating the country in terms of popularity.  They have tackled the sedans and coupes from the spotlight due to their practical, affordable and reliable capabilities. The economical SUV compact car offers Canadians a smaller, more comfortable ride than the standardized SUV that doesn't lose out on the all-wheel drive features. Another reason that consumers have shifted from SUV's is the fuel efficiency, they are known as tremendous gas guzzlers, and with the fluctuating cost of fuel in Canada, it must be incredibly difficult when deciding what type of car you want to choose. The SUV compact still delivers on fun, just at a cheaper cost to the user.

With 2020 looming over the horizon it'll be interesting to see what the new Buick Encore has in store. It's called the Encore GX and it will be a combination of the Encore and Envision. Buick is concentrating on improving the safety features, adding both front pedestrian braking, an alert for any forward collisions and a follow distance indicator to settle the nerves of any apprehensive passenger.  The GX is designed to be just right for people who deem the Encore too small and the Envision too big. Regardless of what they have decided to call the new model, it seems a different beast altogether. Buick has yet to release the product specifications as well as the pricing, but many people will be holding their breath for when it's finally introduced.