How Does the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Wagon Perform as a Family Vehicle?

February 15 2021

Mercedes have a reputation of being a luxury car manufacturer but that doesn’t mean that they’re not capable of delivering a vehicle that’s practical too. Enter their station wagon, a long-roofed vehicle which is taking on SUVs and crossovers for the mantle of being the most family-friendly car. 

Part of their C-Class, this Mercedes-Benz straddles the line between over-sized SUV and cramped car, giving a middle option which is comfortable and functional. But does this Mercedes stand up to use for the whole family rather than just offering opulence for top execs? Here’s a look at their all-new C300.

The word “station wagon” conjures up dated images of a beaten-up old car that your grandparents might have rumbled around in, but the C300 is a class apart. As you might expect from a Merc it’s styled beautifully with fluid lines that help the extra length appear understated. 

The changes made to the exterior aesthetics have been subtle but welcome. The grille has been changed from the bars to the diamond formation, there are multiple lenses in the LED lights and in the rear, the elements form the letter C beneath the red plastic casing. 

For the redesign, the wheelbase has been stretched to provide an addition 80mm which results in a car that’s 96mm longer. What that means in practical terms is extra legroom in the rear of the car and more space in the trunk. 

The engine for the C300 wagon is functional and adequate, even if it’s not exciting. The nine-speed transmission is smooth and pairs perfectly with the 2.1-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel engine for a ride that’s quick pulling away from traffic lights and has plenty of power for when you need to accelerate. Other Mercedes models have a V6 and V8 option so you may feel aggrieved that you don’t have this option. Nevertheless, even without either there’s sufficient in the engine for smooth operation. As an added bonus, there are five separate modes to choose from to match the conditions and terrain. 

As a family car, safety is one of the priorities and Mercedes scores well here. There is a huge long list of safety features that are included as standard in the C300, so many in fact that it would be impossible to list them all here. However, as an example there's a crosswind assist, blind spot assist, active brake assist, rearview camera, adaptive braking technology, tire pressure loss warning and attention assist. 

If you choose to upgrade there’s an even longer list of what’s available including premium features such as active lane keeping assist, evasive steering assist, active emergency stop assist, active steering assist and active parking assist. For keeping the family safe while on the road, it’s an impressive cast of features. 

With such a glowing report, it’s probably fair to point out that the C300 isn’t an E-class or S-class Merc so while it’s comfortable and high-quality, it’s not the premium luxury vehicle that Mercedes-Benz have built a reputation on. Nevertheless, it’s packed full of features that you won’t find elsewhere and compared to crossovers of a similar size, it shoots ahead for both space and comfort. 

To sum up the C300 wagon, it’s a car but not a car. It’s a crossover, but it's not. Somehow it sits between bringing the best of both worlds. With all of the space of a larger SUV and the luxury of a Mercedes-Benz car, it does the impossible and tick the boxes for both utility and luxury simultaneously.