Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Awards Press Release

October 03 2019
Michele Fariello

CBB Best Retained Value Awards Highlight Vehicles That Can Help Canadians Combat Negative Equity

In 2018 30% of Vehicle Trade-ins in Canada Were in Negative Equity Averaging -$7,051 12th Annual

Awards Features New Category and Second Highest Ever Overall Retained Value Across All Models

Markham, ON, February 11, 2019 – The 2019 Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Awards were revealed today, for the twelfth annual edition of these highly touted industry awards.  These awards illustrate to Canadians which four year old vehicles hold their value best, which is crucial information when considering a vehicle loan, or understanding the equity positon of an existing vehicle loan.

Negative Equity A Growing Issue In Toronto

In Toronto, in 2018 39% of vehicle trade-ins were in a negative equity position averaging slightly less than the national average at -$5,411 (Source: JD Power - Power Information Network ® 1/22/2019).Negative equity – when a consumer owes more on an auto loan than the market value of the vehicle – is a growing issue for Canadians.  This negative equity, which could equal thousands of dollars of additional debt, is often rolled into subsequent auto loans, essentially compounding personal debt, a major Canadian economic concern.

A $30,000 car that holds its value 20% per cent better than another model at the same price point can mean the difference of $6,000 over a 4 year period.  Another way to look at it is that a smarter vehicle purchase would mean $6,000 more for a down payment, as a result of buying a vehicle that holds its value better.  Recent research conducted by Canadian Black Book suggests that an overwhelming 97 per cent of Canadian car owners feel that more education on loan term and equity position, should be made available during the car buying process.

“If you take the example of a Best Retained Value winner at a depreciation level of 84 per cent and compare its depreciation to the worst in that class at 41 per cent, at trade in time, there is a massive difference in value of over $14,000,” says Brad Rome, President of Canadian Black Book.  “This is a very large sum of money, which is why understanding what cars hold value well, negative equity and when during your auto loan you will be in an equity position, is so very important.”

Canadian Black Book recently launched an industry first Equity Calculator, on their website.  This free tool allows consumers to enter their vehicle and finance information which outputs a chart that shows when during their finance agreement, they will have equity in their vehicle.


CBB Best Retained Value Award Can Help Buyers Choose Models That Hold More Value

Canadian car buyers should be aware of how different vehicles hold their value over time, as well as how different finance terms will affect when they will be in an equity position.  The 2019 Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Awards is a great way to help educate consumers on lower depreciation models, across 23 categories of vehicles and three overall brand categories.  Trucks and SUVs have been dominating demand over the last several years in Canada, which is reflected by their value on the used vehicle market.  The top segments for value retention over four years are ‘Small Pickup’ (73 per cent); ‘Full-sized Luxury Crossover/SUV (63 per cent); and ‘Full-sized Pickup’ 61 per cent).  Bucking that trend is the ‘Premium Sports Car’ segment which held 64 per cent as a category overall and was won by the iconic Chevrolet Corvette, winning for a second consecutive year.

“Our awards are a factual representation of what has happened in the Canadian marketplace regarding the depreciation of four year old vehicles,” says Brian Murphy, VP Research and Analytics at Canadian Black Book.  “We hope the manufacturers are proud of these awards, but perhaps even more so, we want consumers to recognize these awards and use them as reference point to help direct them into smart buying decisions.”

Overall retained value, across all vehicle models sold in Canada, for 2019 is 52 per cent for 2015 model year vehicles MSRP, which is the second highest year on record, next to last year at 53 per cent.   The 2019 ‘Overall Brand’ winners, which measure retained value across all models a brand offers, go to Toyota in the ‘Car’ class; Toyota in ‘Truck/Crossover/SUV’; and to Porsche in the ‘Luxury’ category.

This year’s awards features three all new vehicle categories – ‘Sub-compact Luxury Crossover’, where the Mercedes-Benz GLA Class won; ‘Sub-compact Crossover’ where the Jeep Renegade took top spot; and the first ever ‘Zero Emission’ category where the BMW i3 came out as the winner.

Big news for Ford this year as the Ford Mustang holding 64 per cent of its original MSRP from 2015 wins its first ever Best Retained Value Award in ‘Sports Car’, unseating the seven year run of wins for the Dodge Challenger, which came second.   Other first time winners are the Toyota Yaris (Sub-compact Car), the Porsche Macan (Compact Luxury Crossover/SUV), Lexus GX460 (Mid-sized Luxury Crossover/SUV), Chevrolet City Express (Compact Van), along with the winners of the three new categories.

A few very impressive winning streaks continue for 2019.  In ‘Full-sized Pickup’ the Toyota Tundra has top spot for its tenth consecutive year, as does the Toyota Tacoma in ‘Small Pickup’.  The Jeep Wrangler which held the highest percentage of its original MSRP of any vehicle sold in Canada in 2015, at 84.7 per cent, has now won nine years straight in ‘Compact Crossover/SUV’.

Other notable winners include the Audi A7, winner of six of the last ten years in ‘Luxury Car’; Toyota Avalon with 3 straight and eight of the past ten years in ‘Full-size Car’; Porsche Panamera for six years straight in ‘Premium Luxury Car’; Toyota 4Runner winning for the second time in ten years, and  helping Toyota secure the category nine out of ten years.

This year, Toyota with Lexus, once again led the way with ten total category wins, two ‘Overall Brand’ wins and eighteen category mentions (first, second or third place), which is up four from last year.   Lexus particularly controlled the ‘Entry Luxury Car’ category taking first (CT200h), second (IS-Series) and third place (ES).

North American brands also faired very well with six category wins and nineteen total mentions.  GM leads the way with three category wins and eleven mentions.  Impressively GM took all three spots in ‘Full-size Crossover/SUV’ where the Chevrolet Tahoe placed first, Chevrolet Suburban second and GMC Yukon took third.  FCA shows two wins and eight mentions, while Ford recorded one win and three mentions.

“Canadian Black Book sincerely congratulates all those winners of the 2019 Best Retained Value Awards.” says Rome. maintains a database of car and truck values dating back to 2006 widely used in the Canadian auto industry.  The newly redesigned consumer website offers four free values calculators - one that allows consumers to look up trade-in values before they head to the dealer, another that shows future values, a third that shows average asking price, and now the Equity Calculator.

2019 Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Award Results:

Overall Brand Awards
Car Toyota
Truck/Crossover/SUV Toyota
Luxury Porsche


MODEL 1st 2nd 3rd
Sub-compact Car Toyota Yaris Toyota Prius  c Honda Fit
Compact Car Toyota Prius v Toyota Corolla Subaru Impreza
Mid-size Car Toyota Camry Honda Accord Hyundai Sonata
Full-size Car Toyota Avalon Dodge Charger Chevrolet Impala
Entry Luxury Car Lexus CT200h Lexus IS-Series Lexus ES
Luxury Car Audi A7 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lexus GS Series
Premium Luxury Car Porsche Panamera Mercedes-Benz S-Class Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class
Premium Sports Car Chevrolet Corvette Alfa Romeo 4C Porsche 911
Sports Car Ford Mustang Dodge Challenger Audi TT
Small Pickup Toyota Tacoma Chevrolet Colorado GMC Canyon
Full-size Pickup Toyota Tundra RAM 3500 Ford F250 S/D
Minivan Toyota Sienna Honda Odyssey Kia Sedona
Full-size Van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 RAM ProMaster 3500 RAM ProMaster 2500
Compact Commercial Van Chevrolet City Express RAM Van Ford Transit Connect
Compact Crossover/SUV Jeep Wrangler Nissan Xterra Honda CR-V
Mid-size Crossover/SUV Toyota 4Runner Toyota Highlander Honda Pilot
Full-size Crossover/SUV Chevrolet Tahoe Chevrolet Suburban GMC Yukon
Compact Luxury Crossover/SUV Porsche Macan Lexus NX 200t/300h BMW X4
Mid-size Luxury Crossover/SUV Lexus GX460 Porsche Cayenne Land Rover LR4
Full-size Luxury Crossover/SUV Mercedes-Benz G-Class Land Rover Range Rover Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Sub-Compact Luxury Crossover Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class Audi Q3 MINI Countryman
Sub-Compact Crossover Jeep Renegade Nissan Juke Chevrolet Trax
Zero Emission BMW i3 Nissan Leaf Smart Fortwo-Electric


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