Canadian Black Book just awarded the 2017 Best Retained Value – full-size SUV To the Toyota Sequoia

May 25 2020

A Canadian Black Book 2017 Retained Value award winner the Toyota Sequoia is an SUV that provides its owner with an extraordinary combination of power, comfort, and versatility. Whether driving on an off-road adventure, towing a trailer, this is a machine designed for practically any environment or situation. To use a cliché, each 2017 Toyota Sequoia makes an impressive and bold statement from the first look. With its wide lengthy sleek-designer-bodied platform, the Sequoia sends out a notice that this is a road owner. It is this type of Toyota inherent character that makes it dominant in the full-size SUV category.

Even its name has a certain power as it rolls off the tongue, but the Sequoia also possesses a certain refinement, in the form of the smallest details being skillfully designed and maximized. Take in the distinctive head, and fog lamps and the sizable, easy-to-use door handles; with oversized and power adjustable, heated side-view mirrors!

The platform

This designed expression is seen with large aluminum alloy wheels and bulky tires that not only add to a power image but provide firm, determined traction and a comfortable driving experience. This is transformed into the vehicle interior of the Sequoia, which is spacious for up to eight adults, depending on model selection, as well as cargo. Climatic conditions are always a consideration, and this SUV provides a three-zone automatic climate control as standard. Entertainment and ease of operation are naturally catered for, with 6.1” display audio system and eight speakers with integrated XM Satellite Radio, supplemented with mounted controls on the steering wheel.

The power

This SUV named the Sequoia gives you a full-size performance with a 5.7L V8 engine that in itself is a designer work of art! With an inherent wealth of technological innovation and advancements, it generates an extraordinary 381 peak horsepower with up to 401 lb-ft of torque. It is a power directed by way of a smooth six-speed sequential shift mode automatic, complete with overdrive and lockup torque converter. Fuel economy has been determined as 21 km per 4.5 litres in city driving and 27 km per 4.5 litres on the highway.

Innovative handling technologies are seen for example, with single-touch, four-wheel-drive-active traction and trailer-sway control, enabling the Sequoia to produce a driving experience that is relaxed and easily managed. This is supplemented, with every new model ready to haul with a minimum 3,175 kg towing capacity and factory-installed towing facilities. In conclusion, the Toyota Sequoia is the real deal!