Canadian Black Book just awarded the 2017 Best Retained Value – Luxury Car to the Audi A7

January 07 2020

The Audi A7 leads the luxury segment for retaining initial value for the second year running. Although featuring a distinguishable style for 2017, the general body design of the vehicle continues to be consistent with its introductory profiled style seen in the 2012 model. On the power aspect, there are presently two engine options offered with different degrees of tuning, but, both engines are supported by a standard eight-speed automatic transmission and AWD as standard.

The Canadian Black Book Retained Value award is seen by many car buyers as an important aspect of purchasing a vehicle. Even with uncertain economic conditions prevailing, the used vehicle trade is regarded as being in a healthier state today, than one year ago! It could, therefore, be regarded as an educational and financial necessity, that if you are considering buying a new vehicle, like the Audi 7; attention is directed to potential retained values.

A7 personality

The basic engine for the latest Audi A7 is a 3.0-litre supercharged V6, which generates 333 hp in its standard form. If you wish the new, 2017, A7 Competition format, then you can expect 340 hp, but with the torque at 325 lb-ft the same, irrespective of the generated horsepower. Fuel economy for the Audi A7 V6 engine has been EPA rated at; 34 km (city) 46 km (highway) 38 km (combined) per 4.5 litres of gasoline respectively. Apart from various power advantages, the Audi A7 models are recognized for their sleek, defined metal craftsmanship as well as their innovatively designed interior.

Safety features

The Audi A7 has not been crash-tested by the NHTSA or the IIHS, but, the related Audi A6 has been subjected to tests by both these agencies. With minor structural differences between the two models, it can be expected the A7 lineup to closely conform to crash scores of the A6, which included on the NHTSA tests, a five-star overall rating, the highest possible attainable score! In relation to the more thorough IIHS test, the Audi A6 is regarded as a Top Safety Pick+ when equipped with the optional Driver Assistance Package, also optionally available on the complete 2017 Audi A7 range.

The A7 handling capabilities include a light and extremely accurate steering experience, which is compatible with its acceleration performance. The Audi A7 has also been termed as being practical, in spite of its more stylish appearance. The practical factor can be seen in a lift-back-open cargo area, which boasts a significant 24.5 cubic feet of luggage space.

The 2017 Audi A7 features some distinctive styling innovation with a sloping roofline that offers a Hatchback function. Combined with exceptional performance, this luxury driving experience is heightened by the basic 3.0 litre supercharged V6 engine. This is a vehicle that demands attention!