10 Must Do Tips for Car Maintenance this Spring

Winter is a rough time for many people, and that’s perhaps especially true for those dwelling in Canada, home to the eternally cold and long season. By the time that spring rolls around, everyone is ready to break out of their houses and get back to living life! One of the best feelings in the […]

Do I really need special oil for my car?

Whether you do your own car’s oil change or not, it’s a good idea to know the types of motor oil so you’ll know the appropriate choice for your vehicle. It might seem like a daunting task but you can get started fairly easily. While many cars require the appropriate oil for their vehicle, many […]

Ford and LED Technology: What to Expect

LED Lighting and Ford Ford and the automotive industry, in general, have evolved to a highly significant degree, including safety-related issues that include aspects of illumination for vehicles. Take, for example, headlamps, which have attained a higher degree of efficiency and reliability following close analysis by auto-producers. This especially related to how halogen or HID […]

Five reasons for buying a Chevrolet Impala

A very good reason for buying the Chevrolet Impala is that it takes all road conditions with ease and gives a very smooth ride. The high standard of interior materials exceeds those offered by several of the other brands in the same segment. Driving one is effortless. Take a look at the top 5 reasons […]

Should You Be Driving a Sedan or an SUV?

Buying a new vehicle can oftentimes be a confusing process. It’s not that there are not a wide variety of options available for your consideration. Quite the contrary, there is an incredible number of vehicles out there that could potentially meet your needs. But which option is the very best for your money, and which […]

Top reasons why buying an Audi makes sense for you!

It makes sense to buy an Audi because they are always well laid out, made with the best quality materials, and ergonomically comfortable. The Audi Q5 is cutting-edge of in-car technology. With intuitive controls, easy to drive, and packed full of features, making the Q5 a hugely attractive vehicle to buy. Audi is the car chosen […]

Before you Buy: Mitsubishi RVR

The Mitsubishi RVR is a vehicle with a powerful engine, great interior, and astonishing performance. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of buying a used Mitsubishi RVR. First launched for the model year 2011, Mitsubishi RVR was targeted towards urban families and anyone in for an adventure with some off-road possibility. […]

Before You Buy: Kia Sedona

One of the vehicles Kia has tailored to meet its consumers’ wants and needs is the Sedona. It is a full- size minivan that can meet your expectations when it comes to the interior. There are either 7 or 8 seats available depending on the model, but what is common for all of them is […]

Before You Buy: 2017 GMC Canyon

The 2017 GMC Canyon is an excellent compact pickup truck by anyone’s criteria. It can brag with a superbly strong engine, very appealing interior and a class-leading towing capacity. If you would like to buy a used Canyon, you can be sure that you will not regret it, especially because its price is about average […]

Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Mercedes GLC300

The Mercedes GLC300 is a charming SUV which you would be very lucky to have on your driveway. In addition to its looks, the quality of its ride is very smooth while its on-road stability stands out among a plethora of impressive features. What makes this vehicle special is the addition of many safety systems, […]