2016 Roundup: 10 Hottest Selling PickUp Trucks

When it comes to buying a new pickup truck, you might find yourself with too many great options. There are, in fact, some truly awesome models out there, and we’re sure that you can find exactly what you want. With that said, sometimes it’s nice to have those options narrowed down to the best of […]

Canadian Black Book just awarded the 2017 Best Retained Value – Small Pick-up To the Toyota Tacoma

With its long and established engineering history, the all new designed 2017 Toyota Tacoma offers the complete package. With the convenience of 4-doors and seating for five, owners also have a variety of well-planned model options to choose from. The new Tacoma and winner of the Small Pickup 2017 Canadian Black Book Award continues with […]

2016 Roundup: 10 Hottest Selling Compact Cars

In today’s nonstop world, sometimes it feels like “more” is always the best option. We tend to go bigger and flashier than necessary, which can be both a benefit and a curse. When it comes to vehicles, this tendency can quickly become expensive, and lead us to make some purchasing choices that don’t necessarily make […]

Canadian Black Book just awarded the 2017 Best Retained Value – full-size SUV To the Toyota Sequoia

A Canadian Black Book 2017 Retained Value award winner the Toyota Sequoia is an SUV that provides its owner with an extraordinary combination of power, comfort, and versatility. Whether driving on an off-road adventure, towing a trailer, this is a machine designed for practically any environment or situation. To use a cliché, each 2017 Toyota […]

Canadian Black Book just awarded the 2017 Best Retained Value – Mid-size SUV To the Toyota FJ Cruiser

Customer design satisfaction is just one crucial aspect of the production of the FJ Cruiser and any other Toyota models. With ongoing and continuous Awards, each year the Canadian Black Book Awards sees Toyota models setting new records. The FJ Cruiser achieved first place in the high performing category of mid-size SUVs with the recent […]

Toyota Continues to Impress with the Most Canadian Black Book Awards

Part of the Toyota philosophy in respect of its Canadian market is to deliver the best possible product and a commitment to add value to the entire vehicle ownership experience. Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) received from two recognized organizations 15 further residual & retained value awards. To various generations of vehicle owners the brand name, […]

Toyota a Leader in the Industry with the most IIHS 2017 ‘top Safety pick+’ Awards

It’s easy to see why Toyota, Canada is flying high and feeling good. Once again, Toyota, Top Safety Pick+ is the leader of the industry with multiple awards and some serious recognition for offering clients new and old outstanding features and top-tier safety ratings. Dating back to 1964 when Toyota Canada Inc. was founded, Canada […]

Ford EcoBoost Engine, Winner at the 2016 International Engine of the Year Awards

Ford EcoBoost Beginning with the easy part of the Ford Focus EcoBoost engine; it could be defined as an association between direct fuel injection and a turbocharger. For the Canadian drivers of vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta, it could be seen as a motorist’s performance dream comes true. The 1.0 litre EcoBoost is available […]

Canadian Black Book just awarded the 2017 Best Retained Value – Luxury Car to the Audi A7

The Audi A7 leads the luxury segment for retaining initial value for the second year running. Although featuring a distinguishable style for 2017, the general body design of the vehicle continues to be consistent with its introductory profiled style seen in the 2012 model. On the power aspect, there are presently two engine options offered […]

Dodge Charger wins residual value award for the third straight year

The term “Icon” could be used in connection with the Dodge Charger and the related Dodge Challenger, but it is the former that has again been recognized by the automotive industry authority ALG for the third successive year. The 2017 Charger has been given the “Full-Size” category Residual Value Award. Founded in 1964, ALG is […]