Toyota a Leader in the Industry with the most IIHS 2017 ‘top Safety pick+’ Awards

It’s easy to see why Toyota, Canada is flying high and feeling good. Once again, Toyota, Top Safety Pick+ is the leader of the industry with multiple awards and some serious recognition for offering clients new and old outstanding features and top-tier safety ratings. Dating back to 1964 when Toyota Canada Inc. was founded, Canada […]

Ford EcoBoost Engine, Winner at the 2016 International Engine of the Year Awards

Ford EcoBoost Beginning with the easy part of the Ford Focus EcoBoost engine; it could be defined as an association between direct fuel injection and a turbocharger. For the Canadian drivers of vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta, it could be seen as a motorist’s performance dream comes true. The 1.0 litre EcoBoost is available […]

Canadian Black Book just awarded the 2017 Best Retained Value – Luxury Car to the Audi A7

The Audi A7 leads the luxury segment for retaining initial value for the second year running. Although featuring a distinguishable style for 2017, the general body design of the vehicle continues to be consistent with its introductory profiled style seen in the 2012 model. On the power aspect, there are presently two engine options offered […]

Dodge Charger wins residual value award for the third straight year

The term “Icon” could be used in connection with the Dodge Charger and the related Dodge Challenger, but it is the former that has again been recognized by the automotive industry authority ALG for the third successive year. The 2017 Charger has been given the “Full-Size” category Residual Value Award. Founded in 1964, ALG is […]

Nissan Rogue named 2017 Consumer Guide® Automotive Best Buy Award winner

There is a new Rogue on the block and Nissan could not have wished for a better launch onto an unsuspecting marketplace for their new 2017 Rogue model. Awarded top ranking in its class by the Consumer Guide, this first Rogue Hybrid model gained the Best Buy award founded on value and versatility. The evaluation […]

Audi A7 and A5 will dominate best retained value for luxury cars, according to Canadian Black Book

The Audi A7, as well as the Audi A5, are both cars keeping the best resale value in the luxury car segment according to the findings of the Canadian Black Book. These cars are equipped with impeccable styling interior and exterior, as well as an excellent balance of performance and comfort. The ageless Audi A5 is […]

Canadian Black Book celebrates 10 years of Best retained value awards

In the volatile economies of today, many consumers have become aware of the need to buy products that offer them the best long-term value. The Canadian Black Book Award for best-retained value is instrumental in providing this. As consumer demands for long-term loans increase so does 2017 become a record-breaking year for Canadian Black Book. […]

Why the Nissan Altima was awarded the Top safety pick

With three of their vehicles receiving the IIHS Top Safety Pick award, Nissan can rightly be proud of their recognized commitment to safety standards in their 2016 models. This was achieved with a “Superior” rating for front crash prevention in models equipped with optional Forward Emergency Braking. In these days of lighter manufacturing materials, faster […]

Canadian Black Book just awarded the 2017 Best Retained Value – Full size Pickup To the Toyota Tundra

If we look at the average life of a Toyota, it will be found to depend on a variety of factors that include the model, how it’s maintained and the frequency. Then there are the inherent driving conditions. However, taking all factors into account, there is one certainty, and that is if you are the […]

2017 Jetta Alltrack named Canadian car of the year

The AJAC Awards serve the purpose of providing consumers with justified and comparative information related to vehicles that are new in the marketplace. Annually, top Canadian automotive journalists evaluate new or appreciably improved vehicles making their market debut. The evaluation is founded on authentic back-to-back testing to ensure the most relevant results. The Automotive Journalists […]