Canadian Black Book: COVID-19 Market Update 9-22-2020

SUMMARY • Canadian wholesale used vehicle prices weakened this past week, reversing the trend of recent weeks. • Cars decreased in value by -0.02% and Trucks declined by -0.07%, which are small weekly changes, however they may signal a shift in market direction. • U.S. wholesale used vehicle prices this past week saw both Trucks […]

COVID-19 Weekly Automotive Market Update 9/2/2020

SUMMARY • Statistics Canada reported last week that gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 11.5% in the second quarter, following a 2.1% decline in the first quarter. The second quarter decline is the steepest quarterly decline since data was first recorded in 1961, a clear indicator of the severity of the economic issues at hand. […]

COVID-19 Mise à jour sur le marché 28 août 2020

RÉSUMÉ • L’économie canadienne est toujours en récession; la Banque du Canada prévoit une baisse du PIB réel de 7,8 pour cent en 2020, suivie d’une croissance de 5,1 pour cent en 2021 et de 3,7 pour cent en 2022. • L’OCDE prévoit que le taux de chômage atteindra 7,7 pour cent d’ici la fin […]

COVID-19 Weekly Automotive Market Update 8/25/2020

SUMMARY • The Canadian economy remains in recession, the Bank of Canada forecasts real GDP will decline by 7.8% in 2020 and growth of 5.1% will return in 2021, followed by 3.7% in 2022. • Unemployment is forecasted by the OECD to be 7.7% by the end of 2021, however it could be as high […]

Has the EV Revolution Been Postponed?

By: Brian Murphy, VP Research & Editorial, Canadian Black Book Is the electric vehicle (EV) revolution over before it really even got going? Is it really that bad out there? Well, of course it isn’t. Don’t worry, the revolution is very much alive. Remember only a few months ago, admittedly if seems like years, the […]

Canadian Black Book: COVID-19 Automotive Market Update July 21, 2020

SUMMARY As we enter the second half of July, , we continue to see wholesale prices in the Canadian marketplace stabilize after the sharp downward trend that began in March. At large, the nation remains cautiously optimistic in the battle against COVID-19. Each passing day brings to light healthcare results that show that Canada is […]

COVID-19 Weekly Automotive Market Update 6/23/2020

SUMMARY June has flown by in a blur, as we are now at the start of the last full week of the month and approaching the mid-point of a volatile 2020. In normal times, the month of June would typically make up 10% of new car sales volume for the Canadian auto industry. Between May […]

COVID-19 Weekly Automotive Market Update 6/9/2020

SUMMARY During the past week we continued to see wholesale prices slowly decline in the marketplace. Car segments for 2-8-year-old vehicles fell by 0.60% and Truck/SUV/Crossovers fell by 0.85%. These numbers do seem small, however they are weekly decreases, so they are very material to the direction of industry prices. So far during the pandemic […]

COVID-19 Market Update 6-3-2020 SUMMARY

SUMMARY In April we saw the largest monthly drop in wholesale prices since Canadian Black Book’s retention index was created in 2005. Adjusted for seasonality, the index dropped an additional 3.20 points in May, very close to April’s record decline of 3.58. Since February the index has fallen by 7.8 points for 2-6-year-old vehicles as […]

LA VALEUR – Numéro 26: L’indice de la valeur retenue CBB amorce 2020 avec autant de force que l’an dernier

Aussi dans ce numéro de La valeur: L’indice de la valeur retenue CBB amorce 2020 avec autant de force que l’an dernier Les Prix de la meilleure valeur retenue Canadian Black Book 2020 révèlent des résultats record Canadian Black Book salue l’an 2020 en lançant deux services de données Le premier indice sectoriel de l’année […]