Chevrolet Bolt EV awarded 2017 Canadian Green Car of the year

January 24 2020

Great to go electric
The environmental-friendly Chevrolet Bolt is an electric compact car accommodating five people comfortably. Going green is beneficial for the planet and aid for pure air inhalation. Besides the honour of winning the 2017 Green Car of the year, the Chevrolet Bolt was also named Motor Trends 2017 Car of the Year’. This is the second year in a row Green Car of the year win for Chevrolet, as they also won the title in 2016. The Canadian Green Car Awards are given to vehicles in Canada who besides appealing with their performance also make impressive environmental attributes and benefits.

Charging the Battery
The Chevrolet Bolt battery is easy to charge and top up. At home, simply plug it in overnight and you’ll find by morning that it is fully charged. You will also find that you begin to do this automatically when you come home in the evening. Professional installation of a 240-volt/ 32-Amp charging unit needs doing as this offers more power than that of the standard 120-volt outlet.

Home or Away you never need be without a charged battery
You are able to charge your Chevrolet Bolt battery whether you are at home or away by simply programming your charge settings. With the GPS signal in the car, your Bolt EV will know when you are at home and activate the charging according to the times you have preset for doing it. If you are away, your Chevrolet Bolt will automatically know it must activate charging. There are also DC Fast Charging stations available for the public to use. If you are able to, delay your battery charging until the utility rates are at their lowest which usually is while you are sleeping.

How far can you go without having to recharge your Chevrolet Bolt?
Most round trips are about 64 km, and the Chevrolet Bolt is estimated to be able to travel a range of 383 km before needing a recharge. This means that you may not even have to plug-in and recharge every day.

The flat underbody of the Chevrolet Bolt is enclosed for streamlining the airflow and improving aerodynamics. There is more than enough cargo space for shopping or large parcels. You are also able to stay connected with the available built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi, or, you can connect up to seven devices with a more powerful signal than that of a Smartphone.