11 Coolest Car Concepts Revealed this Year

December 30 2020

There has been much discussion over the past year about things like entirely self-driving vehicles. And while this technology is certainly interesting there have been a number of really cool car concepts revealed throughout 2016. As we start the new year, let’s take some time and take a look at some of the most truly innovative concepts out there. From vehicles that consist of a TV and a sofa to those that look like a Batmobile, there were some truly noteworthy car concepts in 2016 – and there’s something for everyone.

Volkswagen’s Microbus

Designed to help take the classic Volkswagen bus and give it a modern spin, the microbus was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s known as the BUDD-e, and it’s electric. Don’t think that means that you won’t be able to travel the distance as the BUDD-e offers impressive mileage per charge.

Faraday Future’s FFZER01

This uniquely designed concept car was also revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show. It features impressive acceleration as well as an undeniably bold and modern look. It’s also able to learn its driver’s preferences and can automatically adjust internal settings to match.

LeEco’s LeSEE

Partners with the aforementioned Faraday Future, LeEco unveiled a concept car poised to rival Tesla. It has an autonomous mode where the car drives itself, and the steering wheel will even retract into the dashboard while it does so to give the driver extra room.

Lincoln’s Navigator Concept Car

One of the coolest 2016 car concepts, this Navigator has impressive gullwing doors and a killer overall style. The six seats featured inside the cabin have entertainment consoles to keep passengers entertained, and can even be adjusted 30 ways. Oh, and don’t forget the wardrobe system built into the trunk!

The Vision Next 100 from BMW

Featuring a fully autonomous mode, the Vision Next 100 comes with Companion, an AI system that learns your driving preferences and automatically adjusts to suit them. The vehicle’s side panels are created from carbon fiber, giving the car an incredibly modern and intriguing look.

Mini Vision Next 100 from BMW

Created specifically for ridesharing like Lyft or Uber, the Mini Vision Next 100 is an intriguing vehicle with one of the most interesting car concepts of 2016. It can recognize previous passengers and “greet” them with a personalized lighting scheme.

Vision 100 Rolls-Royce by BMW

We know – we’ve been talking about the BMW offerings a lot so far. But the fact of the matter is that they were some of the most innovative options we’ve found! This modern Rolls-Royce, for example, features a big-screen OLED TV and a silk sofa in its cabin. The vehicle is completely autonomous, which means that the designers saw no reason to clutter up the interior with a steering wheel or dashboard.

There were so many incredible car concepts in 2016 that it can be difficult to detail each one. Here are some other incredible options to take a look at:

• McLaren’s 675LT JVCKENWOOD

• Pininfarina’s H2 Speed

• Audi’s Connected Mobility Concept

• Aston Martin’s Vanquish Zagato

Are you excited for these new concepts? Keep your eyes open for more information in 2017!