Toyota Corolla Hybrid is the top Green Car of 2016

September 07 2020

While the Toyota Corolla Hybrid may seem like it hasn’t caught up with the times, foregoing the plug and running with the Prius’ previous generation powertrain technology and still utilizing nickel-metal hydride batteries, it’s still a compact hybrid that should be celebrated.

Many of today’s hybrids still have a limited range (up to 30 km) and they sell at a pretty stiff premium. While the technology is advancing, these hybrids just aren’t accessible enough to make a measurable difference in the environment. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid is hitting the scene with a running start.

The Corolla Hybrid will run you a little more than the GLX model after which the Hybrid was based; however, at a $3000 markup, you’ll find some great features. Namely, you’ll get remote/keyless start and entry, LED headlights, and the dual-zone air-conditioning. You’ll also easily make up the difference in fuel costs in about 75,000 km, not too bad considering the long life you can expect from this vehicle.

Other features you’ll find in the Toyota Corolla Hybrid:

• Push start

• 16-inch alloy wheels

• Daylight running lights

• 3-drive modes (economy, power, and electric)

Compared to the conventional model, the Hybrid is almost as quick while superior weight distribution contributes to better handling with an improved and more compact rear suspension and not compromising in trunk space. The rear suspension improvement offers up another benefit, the battery now fits under the rear seats rather than in the load area.

As far as fuel economy goes, the Hybrid boasts a 4.1 L/100 km which is roughly 1/3 less you’ll get in the standard version of the car. If you’re a city dweller and plan on spending time in traffic you’ll find the 3.9L consumption to be less than half of that found in the standard version, fairly impressive, even for a green car!

What’s more, Toyota claims that the theoretical range of 1100 km which comes in at almost 300 km above the standard versions’ range with a slightly smaller fuel tank. That’s a range generally found in the diesel arena.

If you like a smooth quiet ride, you’ll appreciate the unmatched, comfortable ride you’ll experience in the Hybrid Corolla. While in eco mode, the throttle response is consciously dull. With revs kept low, the car will run on electric power whenever possible – giving you the enjoyable ride you’re looking for. When you’re driving this car, you won’t just have a comfortable, feel-good ride, you’ll also get the satisfaction from the readouts letting you know just how much fuel you’re saving. You’ll be aware of which mode you’re driving in from the diagram near the fuel consumption readout as well. Beware though, it can get a little addicting watching all the technology and readouts!

It’s no wonder that the Corolla Hybrid has made a name for itself. Many are satisfied with the fuel economy over the standard model, even at the slight premium in price.