Why the Toyota Corolla is seen as the most reliable car worldwide

February 07 2020

Various studies in the USA and Britain have determined that the Toyota Corolla is the least likely car to suffer a breakdown. It has been assessed that only 7-percent of Corollas each year have these problems. In a 2015 annual reliability study of consumer reports, Toyota and its luxury Lexus division were top of the league. Couple this with the Toyota Corolla being viewed in the United Kingdom as the car least likely to be seen parked helpless on the highway and it leads to the popular opinion that there is something very special about the motorist’s legend known as the Toyota Corolla.

Further reports have shown that although Toyotas were not the cheapest to repair, they were definitely not the most expensive, but is that relative to an owner compared to a safe and unhindered driving experience? On this point, the 2015 Toyota Corolla was recognized by CarMD as the most reliable in the motoring marketplace! This reckoning was achieved by CarMD studying literally thousands of car issue and repair bills. The information revealed from more than 251,000 incidents, related to model-years, from 1996 to 2015. However the question probably being asked now, is, does this situation still apply to the Corolla?

Proving the car

Generally, the open secret of the success for the Toyota Corolla could be seen as, not only the result of dedicated research, innovation and exceptional engineering and design qualities but to be founded on tried, proven and tested existing technology!

The majority of motor manufacturers take great pleasure in proclaiming exciting, dramatic, new and revolutionary updates to their vehicles. But, quoting Jake Fisher, the director of Consumer Reports (auto testing), Toyota does not follow this pattern. Contrastingly, he says that “Toyota very rarely launch everything new. You look at Corolla and Camry, you know. The last few redesigns have been almost freshening: carryover powertrain, sometimes even the same wheelbase." Being conservative could be the answer for reliability!

The right car

Reliable transport, such as the Toyota Corolla is a crucial issue for any motorist. Commercials and new technology can provide for poor performances and while a well-wrapped package can sometimes attract consumers in a showroom, at the end of the day, the proof of the pudding, or car, is in the eating or long-term driving without problems!

A general consensus is that in recent years, the reliability factor of cars has not basically changed. The exceptions that have been encountered have been positive with less reported serious mechanical, engine and fuel system issues. It is the arena in which the Toyota Corolla continues to prove itself and for many drivers, reign supreme!