Why the Chevrolet Equinox is a Great Family Vehicle

February 12 2021

The Chevrolet Equinox is classed as a compact crossover, with the five available seats but make no mistake, it’s a heavyweight in its class. Now in its third generation, the Equinox has proven to be one of Chevrolet’s top sellers, only being beaten by the Silverado

In 2018 the Equinox got a complete makeover, with a platform that’s based on the Opel, offering a lighter ride. The aesthetics received an upgrade as well, with the slightly chunky appearance making way for a graceful silhouette. Whether you’re looking at it from the front, rear or side, you’ll appreciate the slender curves which make it look as if it’s poised for action. 

The interior of the Equinox is spacious and comfortable, two big factors for any family. Take a road trip in a cramped car with bored children and you’ll soon wish you’d invested in something a bit bigger! The Equinox treads the perfect line between an oversized minivan and a regular car, giving you all the space you need without being crammed full of seating. 

At the higher end of the trims, you’ll enjoy leather seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel; at the lower end there’s cloth trims and plastics, but these are hard wearing enough to deal with the practicalities of young passengers. 

The Equinox claims to have five seats and it really does; in the middle there’s a fully-flat floor so the centre seat won’t be compromised. Family members in the back can stretch out with all the legroom they need without being worried that their heads will scrape the roof. 

Of course, although comfort is great if you’re looking for a family car, then safety is going to figure high on your agenda. The Equinox has a raft of safety features which Chevrolet offers as standard on their vehicles, these include dual-stage airbags, side and roof-rail impact protection and protective riders in the front. A camera that offers enhanced visibility all around the car, not just at the rear, is a big advantage while the OnStar system provides connectivity, including to the emergency services if required. 

If you have a teenager who recently learned to drive, their Teen Driver Technology offers real innovation. Parents can initiate certain driver settings which are connected with a specific key fob, limiting some car features and preventing safety elements from being switched off. In addition to making the car safer to drive, the parents can download a report of how the car was driven while on the road.

The Equinox offers further safety features as a premium addition in most trims. These include lane change alert, blind side alert and rear cross traffic alert. Rather than relying on a basic dashboard light or sound, the Equinox uses a Safety Alert Seat system which vibrates the driver’s seat when their attention is urgently required. 

The Chevrolet Traverse and Ford Escape  are two of the Equinox’s closest competitors but as an all-round family vehicle, it beats them both hands down. 

The Traverse is larger and has more room, but uses more fuel, costing more to drive. As both cars are Chevrolets, the safety systems are similar but the Equinox has more premium safety features available. Inside the cabin, the Equinox offers better connectivity and a greater number of USB ports for use. If your family is travelling a long distance, having the ability for the children to charge their cell phones or tablets could be essential for a peaceful journey!

The Ford Escape is another popular crossover of a similar size to the Equinox. Stylish on the outside, it’s a shame the quality of the interior doesn’t quite measure up. The Escape feels cramped on the inside and the seating is stiff and uncomfortable. The cabin looks dated and feels like a car in desperate need of a revamp. Fuel economy is better on the Escape, one of the few plus points in its favour. Safety isn’t vastly different to the Equinox, with premium features available but the in-car technology is a disappointment, requiring an upgrade to get anything half decent. 

In summary, the Chevrolet Equinox may not be the most expensive car on the market, nor have the most comprehensive features but with a large trunk, comfy seating and superior safety and technology, it’s a top pick for any family.