Five reasons for buying a Chevrolet Impala

January 08 2020

A very good reason for buying the Chevrolet Impala is that it takes all road conditions with ease and gives a very smooth ride. The high standard of interior materials exceeds those offered by several of the other brands in the same segment. Driving one is effortless. Take a look at the top 5 reasons we feel the Impala is a good used vehicle choice.

1. Powerful and strong 

The flagship Chevrolet Impala is the largest family sized sedan from the Chevrolet collection. Offering an effortless pleasant driving experience with a 3.6 Litre V6 engine, the driver and four passengers can sit relaxed and comfortable for the ride in this spacious vehicle. Equipped with ample torque the performance of the Chevrolet Impala is capable of sprinting from zero to 96 km in less than seven seconds. No matter which one of the models you choose to drive, you will have one of the best all around road experiences at your fingertips.

2. Praiseworthy Impala

The strong acceleration of the Impala’s V6 engine negotiates city traffic with ease as it merges confidently into the traffic on major highways, or for climbing steep gradients. Any bumps and road ruts are negotiated confidently in the Chevy Impala, and it gives a ride on winding roads that is secure and stable. Depending on the trim, the wheels are either in alloy or steel.

3. The Chevrolet Impala Interior

The cabin is fitted with designs that are attractive and materials that ooze luxury. The elegant seating is upholstered with quality leather, and there is ample room to stretch your legs when sitting comfortably on the rear seats. The two front seats are heated and ventilated, and the passenger seat is power-adjustable providing extra visibility. The heated steering wheel allows the driver keeping hands warm when driving in the cold of winter.

4. Spacious Chevrolet Impala trunk takes ample luggage

There can be no complaints about the lack of space in the trunk department! With plenty of room for luggage, shopping, or transporting of other items that often cannot be fitted in a trunk, the Chevrolet Impala proves to be an absolute pleasure. If extra space is needed, it is easily accomplished by the split-folding of the standard rear seat. As well, small items are storable in the cabin’s lockable hidden compartment located behind the infotainment touchscreen.

5. Impressive Dashboard Features

The MyLink graphics in the Chevrolet Impala are clear and sharp as is the responsive voice command system. Included in the infotainment system is Apple CarPlay and wireless phone charging facility. You are also able to mirror numerous phone functions on the Impala touchscreen. As well, the Chevrolet Impala controls for climate change, and audio volume settings are most impressive. The Chevrolet Impala has Government “best 5-star rating for crash tests, ” and the lIHS gave it the highest rating in all tested safety categories.