Ford Continues to Improve the Successful F-150

November 01 2019

Whether it’s hauling materials to a job site or heading out for a weekend adventure, the Ford F-150 makes every task look easy. The Ford F-150 puts on an external frame made up of high-quality aluminum alloy materials that maintain its rigid structure. Unlike the traditional heavy steel and alloy, these materials are lighter, making the pickup generally lighter. This is one of its selling points that give it an advantage over its competitors like the RAM 1500. Like other trucks of its class, the Ford F-150 is available in a wide range of trim levels and comes with a lineup of engines that deliver great towing and hauling capabilities.

From the inside, Ford F-150 features many high-class touches that contribute to its high comfort ratings. Its cabin is quite spacious compared to other trucks in this segment, and with muted engine noise, the cabin is pleasantly quiet. With Ford’s large door openings and the generous grab handles, it’s easier to get in and out of the truck. For any truck, payload capacity is at the center of its function. Reducing a truck’s weight is an effective way of increasing payload, and with a body and bed built of lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy, it’s no surprise the Ford F-150 offers the best-in-class payload rating compared to its rivals. The Ford F-150 is the first and only truck that offers a trailer backup assist that helps you control the trailer in the direction you want it to go by simply turning a knob. And if trailer-pulling power is what you’re looking out for, with its exclusive towing capacity, the Ford F-150 has you covered. 

Performance and Handling

The Ford F-150 offers a set of six engines from a basic V6 to a powerful 450-horsepower turbocharged V6. The V6 makes a great choice for day-to-day driving, whereas the powerful turbocharged option offers higher horsepower and torque. Each of the engines is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission for better acceleration and towing capacity. Front-wheel drive is standard across the trims. It has an optional all-wheel-drive to equip it for harsh terrains. The Ford F-150 offers impressive handling with controlled movements that work well to absorb road flaws to make your entire ride stable even in dips and seams.

The Ford F-150 rides smoothly and boldly over a wide range of surfaces. Its handling is responsive, taking to every turn with maximum flexibility and stability. The steering offers excellent feedback even at high speeds for a composed drive. Its wide range of gearing options ensures there’s a gear for every drive and its gear system is made such that it offers very smoother shifts. Ford’s brakes are easy to regulate and feel reassuring even on heavy braking. 

What The Future Holds For Ford F-150

Ford is currently developing an all-electric version of its popular Ford F-150 pickup truck. The new model is expected to have better towing-capacity and offer a higher payload compared to the current model. The combustion engine is being swapped for an all-electric powertrain and battery pack. These changes are aimed at increasing the truck’s torque and horsepower for improved towing and hauling capacity. For Ford’s enthusiasts, this is good news. 

Ford Versus the Competition

Ford Vs Chevy Silverado 1500: These two trucks compete closely, and you can’t go wrong with either. The Ford offers slightly higher towing capability than the Silverado, whereas the latter has better reliability than the Ford. When it comes to performance, these two offer a lineup of powerful engines that give them high capability ratings.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty truck for your field or just for recreation, the Ford F-150 serves the purpose.