Ford Introduces the Industry’s First Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Police Vehicle

January 12 2020

The first designated electric-gasoline police interceptor vehicle is being introduced. Based on the Ford Fusion sedan the car with its highly rated fuel economy provides advantages that could make a significant difference in a pursuit situation. The Ford Gasoline-electric Hybrid, designed around the Ford Fusion sedan boasts a fuel economy of 60 kilometres per 4.5 litres of gas, giving an impressive advantage for the police in the event of a car pursuit. The vehicle is also capable of running on electric generated power only at a speed of nearly 100 kilometres per hour. Featuring an Atkinson-cycle 2.0-litre engine, this Ford Fusion Hybrid is coupled with an electric motor and a 1.4-kilowatt lithium-ion battery.

It is reported that the Ford Fusion interceptor car is only one of a proposed 13 new electric vehicles destined for the Ford range by 2021. It is further indicated that plans are in hand for a second police-oriented vehicle and various other domestic modules. The manufacturer is investing with apparent confidence to the extent of $4.5 billion in these 13 electrified vehicles and in addition, intends electrifying 70-percent of its Ford brand range in China by the year 2025.

Ford commitment

The commitment by the corporation to a vehicle electrification policy, such as the Ford Fusion Hybrid is shown in the following statement by Joseph R. Hinrichs, the Americas Ford President; “Electrifying our next generation of vehicles is core to our unwavering commitment to sustainability,” “By being a leader in electrified vehicles, we remain committed to delivering cars, trucks, and SUVs that are better not only for our customers but for the environment and society as well.”

The market

Ford anticipates that the Ford Fusion Hybrid interceptor will provide a greater market share within a market arena it already dictates. One point of interest must revolve around how these developments are viewed directly by the police! In a statement, the Los Angeles Police Department Chief, Charlie Beck, said; “Patrol vehicles are a police officer’s office, and we expect them to not only be economically and environmentally efficient but also an effective tool for fighting crime in major metropolitan areas.” This says it all!

Hybrid Advantage

In many instances, police vehicles can be idling by the side of a road for lengthy periods, and this is where the Ford Fusion hybrid has the advantage. With the gasoline engine shut off at idle, the battery will accept the electrical load for ancillary equipment such as radios.

Interception is highly efficient, with the throttle being held down for five seconds, placing the Ford Fusion hybrid into pursuit mode, to employ the utilization of the electric motor and the gas engine for maximum performance.