Ford and LED Technology: What to Expect

January 27 2020

LED Lighting and Ford

Ford and the automotive industry, in general, have evolved to a highly significant degree, including safety-related issues that include aspects of illumination for vehicles. Take, for example, headlamps, which have attained a higher degree of efficiency and reliability following close analysis by auto-producers. This especially related to how halogen or HID lights influenced their models, and the other option of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, such as associated with the Ford F-150.

One of the most influential aspects related to LED headlights is that they require a significantly low amount of operational power, in comparison to traditional halogen bulbs. LED headlights can be found on the Canadian Custom Ford F-150 and other modern-day vehicles, although not necessarily in relation to headlights. In the case of the Custom Ford F-150, the LED offers not only the appearance of exclusivity but also improved illumination resulting in greater visibility.

LED application

With a correct and professionally designed application, a LED circuit will obtain an almost 80-percent efficiency ratio, meaning that this percentage will, in turn, be converted into light energy. The 20-percent balance is the related to a heat-loss factor! Ford and other auto-manufacturers; today utilize LED's to a significant extent on their vehicles. However, regarding the cost factor, whilst it may cost more initially to install LED headlights, in the long term, the operational lifetime and efficiency of LED's will more than compensate for it.

Taking the LED economy factor further, the financial savings involved would be significant due to LED light bulbs being operational for a decade without burning out like traditional lighting sources. However, when consideration is given to the safety-related effectiveness of LED lights and their enhancement of vehicles like the Ford F-150 the limitations set by traditional lighting systems become apparent.


Manufacturers and vehicle buyers are seeking the best economic solutions and opportunities. Producers such as Ford maintain their position in the marketplace by being competitive and at the same time, producing technically improved and innovative vehicles designed to meet the ever increasing demand of the marketplace. LED lighting is relatively costly, although it is a factor seen to be declining.

This can be countered with eventual economic advantages and crucially, the improved LED safety factor. Examples of this progression are commonly demonstrated by traffic lights, outdoor signs, being changed to LED's as well as the example set by the Custom Ford F-150. The present and the future are in LED-based automotive headlights, with auto producers like Ford, raising the safety and efficiency standards.