How often should the oil be changed your car?

June 10 2020

One of the most common sources behind customer dissatisfaction, arguments, and confusion is how often you should check the oil in your car. Some people think you should check your oil every four months, while still others think that you can go ahead and wait for close to 24,000 km. Because there is so much variety between the recommended option that your mechanic will give you and the option that you might hear about from your car dealership, we’ve decided to take some time to write about exactly how often oil should be changed. Let’s take a look!

Why the confusion?
First of all, you might be wondering why this is even a debate at all. Aren’t there clear guidelines regarding what is the best option for vehicles when it comes to how often you should have your car oil changed? Well, the answer might be a bit confusing. The fact is that recently, all sorts of different automakers have been making the decision to extend service intervals in an attempt to attract more buyers. It makes sense, of course, because we think that almost everyone would rather just forget about car maintenance details like oil changes. Hearing that you don’t have to change your oil for 20,000 km is a welcome option for many people.

Is it really okay to wait so long between visits?
While automakers are happily extending their intervals, it is important to note that the opinion of most professional car mechanics hasn’t changed. They still believe that it is important that you have your vehicle’s oil changed often, and that waiting for every 24,000 km is just too long. Don’t buy into the hype that new car designs have increased efficiency when it comes to oil, either. While it’s true that today’s cars are different from vehicles a few decades ago, it’s important to note that because today’s engines use thinner oil and vehicle materials that are lightweight, your oil could actually be more contaminated than in the past.

So how often should oil be changed?
Well, when you come right down to it, the answer is that it’s important to find a good middle line between the “every 24,000 km” and “every four months” option. We like to have our oil checked around every 5,000 or 7,000 km. If you don’t do a lot of driving, then you can just remember to have it checked twice a year. It is important to make sure that the oil in your car is clean and uncontaminated in order to ensure that your vehicle continues to run properly. That’s why we think that having it checked at least twice a year is a good balance between waiting too long and feeling as though you spend your life in a service shop.

Are you keeping track on when to have your car oil changed? Don’t forget to also have your car inspected at the same time – it’s an easy way to catch any problems before they become costly issues that impact your vehicle’s functionality!