Is the Honda Odyssey the Best Minivan Available?

February 17 2021

The Honda Odyssey was THE family vehicle of the 1990s and 2000s but almost overnight, sales dried up and the minivan plunged in popularity. Nothing had gone wrong with the vehicle but its fate was sealed by the appearance of the SUV. Able to offer lots of seating with a more appealing aesthetic, the SUV replaced the minivan for good in the public’s eye. 

Or did it?

The Honda Odyssey limped along until 2018 when it underwent a serious revamp. All of a sudden, the mini-van looked sexy again and was more than a worthy contender for the crown of being the best family vehicle. Here’s a look at what the Honda Odyssey can offer, and why it’s considered the best minivan around. 

For larger families, space is what it’s all about. Having sufficient room for both parents and children to fit comfortably into the car, together with any luggage or cargo is a huge priority. However, even the most spacious SUV has to make some compromises. In many models the third row of seating is small and not big enough for older children, let alone an adult. Those which provide more legroom end up chopping out some of the space in the cargo hold. One way or the other, there’s less room available. 

By contrast, the Honda Odyssey comfortably seats eight, with a third row which isn’t short of of comfort. The third row seats fully recline, and there’s sufficient space for even a tall adult to stretch out without cutting off their feet. 

Maximizing the space in the cabin doesn’t mean compromising the cargo either, and in the trunk there’s plenty of room for a full-size stroller plus plenty more, such as shopping bags. Whether you need space in the cabin or the cargo area, you’ll find the Odyssey provides everything you need. There’s lots of smaller space within the cabin too, such as well-placed drinks holders and little nooks to help keep the car tidy.

Getting children in and out of the car can feel like a mammoth task but the Honda Odyssey has clever features to give parents a hand. The second row of seating slides not just back and up but sideways too so there’s no awkward reaching round to exit, enter or clip youngsters into car seats. These are known as Magic Slide seats and provide a range of configurations to suit your family’s needs. 

Budget has to be a consideration for most families and the Honda Odyssey is reasonably priced. There are a range of trims which allows buyers to add features in return for increased cost, or else stick with the entry level for the lowest possible price. You can save money on the rear entertainment pack simply by allowing the children to use their iPads in the back as there’s virtually no difference!

The Odyssey holds its value very well as a used vehicle which is reassuring if you’re investing in a brand new car, but not such a positive thing if you’re trying to buy a second-hand model. You will have to pay more for an Odyssey than some of its competitors as it has a quality which is reflected in its strong resale value. Budget isn’t just about the purchase price and the cost of ownership is particularly low. Therefore when considering the overall deal, the Odyssey performs better than the purchase price might suggest.

If you’re willing to consider a minivan for your family’s needs you’ll find the Honda Odyssey delivers comfort, style and practicality and you won’t need to compromise on anything essential.