Is a Used Dodge Journey Right For You?

February 05 2021

Originally launched in 2009, the Dodge Journey rolled off from the same manufacturer’s production line who created the minivan. A crossover with style, the Dodge Journey went on to become a big seller offering an appealing combination of space and car-like comfort. 

The Journey isn’t a premium buy but it packs in lots of features that makes it seem more luxurious than the price-tag would suggest. With seven seats in the cabin, there’s room for the whole family - including space if you need to keep unruly children apart! It’s a great vehicle for a family, but avoids the awkwardness of driving a minivan. In fact, despite its size, this crossover feels remarkably like a smaller car when its wheels are on the road. 

However, to be fair, if you really need the third row of seats then you’d be better upsizing to a full SUV. Although the Dodge advertises the full seven seats, the third row is more than a little cramped. Not many people will need the third row of seats though and the good news is that the rest of the cabin is spacious, offering both leg and head room. 

If you don’t need the third row of seats, you’ll gain the extra space in the trunk. The storage here is one of the real plus points of the auto, as you’ll practically be able to hold a party and still have room to spare. To put the dimensions into context, a 65 inch TV plus a storage cabinet can easily fit into the Journey’s trunk, with leftover capacity too. Therefore, if you’re heading off on a family vacation and need to load up with luggage, the trunk will easily hold everything you want to take. 

You’ll be able to pick from front-wheel or all-wheel drive, so if you’re expecting to have to navigate the worst of Canadian winters on tricky surfaces, the latter is a real asset. There’s both four and six-cylinder options and 2011 or later models will feature the award-winning V6 engine, saving your fuel dollars while delivering power. 

When you’re buying a used vehicle, it’s always sensible to be cautious and take the extra time to check for any problems. Overall, the Dodge Journey is a reliable vehicle and there’s no history of issues to avoid. However, it is advisable to avoid any that were manufactured in the first year (2009) as there were a few teething problems that had to be ironed out. From 2010 onwards, the Dodge was a top-performing crossover with no record of recalls or complaints. 

Any car can be subject to wear and tear so before you buy a used Dodge, make sure you check out the suspension. Turn off the climate control and the stereo and head for a more challenging road - and listen for any unexpected sounds. If there’s no thumping or clunks audible as you decelerate or turn the wheel at low speeds, the chances are you’ve got a nice little motor with suspension in good order. 

The trim inside the cabin depends on the model you’ve picked, but all of the Dodge Journeys have a generous electric pack. This includes features such as a touch-screen uConnect system, push-button start, bluetooth, sat nav, steering wheel mounted controls, heated seats and a premium audio system. 

The Dodge Journey is a crossover that doesn’t feel oversized and can be picked up for a very reasonable price. It’s not expensive when brand new and that economy translates into the prices for a used vehicle too. Reliable, roomy and comfortable inside, it’s a good pick for families or anyone who just wants to enjoy some space.