Jeep Wrangler Named 2017 Best Retained Value for the Seventh Straight Year

November 30 2019

Any vehicle retaining a higher percentage of its initial retail purchase price than any other in its class after 4-years is an achievement. A vehicle that can retain 82 percent of its original MSRP, according to Canadian Black Book, for consecutive years, is an extraordinary achievement. The Jeep Wrangler has received the “Best Retained Value” award for 7-consecutive years, with an exceptional residual value performance that has been motivated by a high consumer demand. This has been helped with a body design that can only be regarded as timeless.

The current 2017 Wrangler has not seen any significant redesign since it was introduced into the marketplace in 2007. Upgrades were implemented to interior components in 2011 and a redesigned powertrain fitted in 2012.

Finance-friendly Wrangler

Finance is a determining influence in the purchase of any vehicle, and the Jeep Wrangler is no exception, in fact, it could be a motivation for investing in one! This is supported by the “old style” vehicle not only having a huge consumer appeal but also that it has held a higher percentage of its initial retail purchase price after four years than any other compact SUV. For financially aware vehicle buyers, concerned with the prospects of severe depreciation losses, the Canadian Black Book provides estimates related to the rate at which any new model of a brand will depreciate.

Most motorists do not only consider the financial impacts of a vehicle but also its image, historic and admittedly, a nostalgic value. Although there is a variety of appealing vehicles bearing the Jeep logo; for the converted, there is only one member of the brand that can raise the emotions to impact level. Following in the tire tracks of its WWII predecessors, the Canadian Black Book 7-times Best Retained Value Award winning Jeep Wrangler meets all expectations and beyond.

Updating history

Jeep, have in various forms created a marketing phenomena; which they have nurtured with care and with an awareness of consumer emotions. Buying is all about emotions and desire and Jeep have taken care that their characteristic Wrangler will not be transformed into just another SUV. It’s a reason why any redesign that is too extreme, or too fast, could have potentially adverse consumer reactions! Accordingly, for 2018, any anticipated modern-day or “yuppie-type” off-road designing will be viewed not only with suspicion but with disappointment.