Why the 2016 Kia Soul SE Sport Deserves the High Praise

January 29 2020

The 2016 Soul has character, and it’s a vehicle with an appeal that can almost become one of the family members. Sure, some will say it is outdated, old-fashioned and isn’t one of the many current “pretty” and sleek vehicles, which are at present enjoying mass popularity. But, what the 2016 Kia Soul does have, is character and this alone can help make it stand out as unique on the highways.

Rectangular shaped vehicles to all intent and purposes have been replaced by the almost dainty SUVs, except for one, the rugged looking, no nonsense solid and reliable, Kia Soul! It continues its onward trek with dimensions that make other drivers in their refined, standard-looking vehicles, shudder! At the same time, they can’t help but wonder about it and be attracted by its in-your-face appeal.

Breaking perceptions

At the same time, this now unique Kia Soul has broken through the present day perceived fashion trend of vehicles and on the way, collected a highly significant following. The appeal of the 2016 Kia Soul hatch is in its difference, which not only helps make it stand out in the madding crowd, but it offers exceptional motoring value, quality engineering, excellent trim options and it looks great compared to its competitors.

The basic Soul model (LX) are powered by a 1.6 litre four-cylinder engine that generates 130 horsepower with 118 lb-ft torque by way of a manual or automatic transmission. The higher graded receive a higher-powered 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, producing 164 horsepower, with 151 lb-ft torque, but without the option of a manual transmission. However, it does receive an original six-speed automatic instead of a CVT, which makes the Soul a more interesting drive.

Practical and reliable

Without even touching on the exceptional and convenient cargo facilities, the 2016 Kia Soul has a lot to offer including an important high-command driving position. In addition, its engine response is excellent, without a turbocharger. It offers an immediate reaction from just two pedals which direct power directly to six gears, without sudden jolts but with predictable throttle response and power.

The 2016 Soul is a practical vehicle, whether you refer to it as a tall hatchback or a compact crossover, it’s immaterial because the Soul is a combination of the best in both motoring worlds. Offering impressive headroom, legroom and with cargo space being at a premium due to its design features! Box-type crossovers may be regarded by many as being outdated, but the 2016 Soul is well named. It’s a family-friendly, un-glamorous vehicle that has an almost magnetic attraction and appeal. It’s a sensible and a useful mode of transportation with dimensions that make maximizing interior space, easy and convenient.