2017 Kia Soul Sport turbo more than just a small crossover

January 13 2021

If you are searching for a vehicle with a 1.6 turbocharged engine with a matching 6-speed manual transmission, Kia has one waiting for you! It’s in the form of their sports Forte5 SX Turbo hatchback. However, the 2017 Soul Turbo sports presentation is not designed to be taken as a performance machine. With a basic suspension designed in the same form as lesser models in their range namely the strut front and torsion-beam rear, Kia has turned the Turbo model’s springs and dampers minimally different. This trend has been followed with slightly increased size front brake rotors, but the rear discs are as those on all Soul versions.

Kia has long tasked itself with entering the sport-compact market segment, which is highly competitive and offers significant challenges for success. Although various models have been offered by Kia and Hyundai, they have not quite made the grade needed to achieve true top-range hatch status.

The 2017 Soul

When you first look at the new turbocharged 2017 Kia Soul, it gives a new and dynamic impression. With its red exterior accent lines and a flat-bottomed steering wheel, there is an inherent degree that this is a different Soul. The perception is reinforced by larger 18-inch wheels that enhance the hatch with a more athletic and aggressive posture. Under the hood, is the 1.6 litre turbocharged inline-four engine, which generates 201 horsepower, with 195 lb-ft of torque! Although not over the top, it does offer a significant potential.

Omitting expectations of a high-performance drive, the turbocharged 2017 Kia Soul sports-type aura is well designed and highly capable in its category. The 1.6 litre turbo four lives up to expectations, and the dual-clutch transmission helps provide a smooth and efficient driving experience. This is helped with a quick-shifts delivery, and minimal low-speed aggravations frequently felt with non-torque converter automatic transmission.

Soul driven

It is noticeable that paddle shifters are absent from the driving arrangement, but the console-mounted shift does provide for manual shifting. The Sport mode could be the preferred option for those who desire a more responsive drive, as it is more aggressive when adjusting transmission shift points. This is carried through by the throttle response also being more assertive.

Today the uniquely-shaped 2017 Kia Soul has placed itself ahead of most other sub-compact crossovers, regarding practicality and a spacious cabin. For driver and passengers, the interior provides a well ventilated and space-effective environment with excellent all-around lines of sight. The comfortably spacious rear seating design offers ample headroom, and the expansive cargo area is easily extended by folding the back seat flat. In this position, there is more than enough available cargo space, which for a non-sports, sports-type vehicle, is impressive!