Looking for a new SUV? The 2017 Lexus NX blends comfort and quality.

December 02 2019

As an SUV, the 2017 Lexus NX is a smaller SUV crossover offering luxury driving and boasting a sports-type exterior. All-over Lexus' quality and interior comfort meet the expectations of the most discerning buyer.

Making some changes to the 2017 NX, Lexus has included fitting a Scout GPS application and front wheel drive as standard features, with AWD, offered as an option.  Buyers are now able to include 45.72 centimetre wheels and have a few more exterior colours to choose from. In many other instances, the base model is very similar to the model from last year, but with Lexus quality and style, you know you’re getting the best.

The quality factor is one that extends throughout the vehicle, including the cabin materials. This producer is renowned for its luxurious designs and in the 2017 Lexus NX you’re treated to a full display. From a classic analog clock to wood trim and alternate seat stitching, amongst various other sheer class featuring.

In tone with this classic environment, is the engine, which in the standard model is a 4-cylinder 2.0 litre, turbocharged quiet piece of sophisticated machinery. With an acceptable degree of power, it gives the sensation of power and is comparable to a larger V6. The engine has such refinement; it can be difficult to determine whether it’s running; another demonstration of Lexus design-engineering quality.

Lexus luxury

Lexus luxury includes anticipating the needs of their consumers, and they have achieved this with 2017 Lexus NX-200T. With some considerate standard and optional features, you are able to choose a power-operated, rear folding seat. This has the quick-n-easy effect of converting the vehicle from a family means of transport to a cargo hauler. Driving is also made safer and more convenient with a rear-view camera, sensors, and a warning system if you stray outside of your lane.

Heated mirrors, seats, and steering wheels are also available, and these are just a sample of the safety features for this excellent SUV. Passengers are made comfortable in the rear of the vehicle, which is spacious and offers a relaxed environment. Although for some, the cargo area may seem limited, the overall dimensions and available space make for an easy and enjoyable passenger ride experience.