Looking for a used Volkswagen Golf?

November 01 2019

Volkswagen Golf models are some of the most popular and best-selling vehicles around the world. They are high in value and offer practicality in combination with a fun driving experience. There’s no doubt why buyers keep choosing it among other vehicles offered on the market considering all of the qualities the model offers. If you want to get your own used Volkswagen Golf, it’s smart to look at some tips on how to shop for the right one. Distinguishing some potential weak spots can help you avoid disappointments and also search for the better deal. Here are some of the things to look out for when buying a used Volkswagen Golf:

• Keep in mind the Dieselgate scandal

• Which engine has the best reviews?

• Golf 5 vs. Golf 6.

Keep In Mind The Dieselgate Scandal

One of the major events in the history of the Volkswagen company certainly has to be the diesel emissions scandal. Namely, in 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency reported the illegal installation of certain devices in the company’s 2.0-litre engines. In theory and in tests, these engines were meeting exhaust pollution standards but in reality, they actually exceeded all the limits. As a result, the company has paid a lot of fines and compensations and still continues to suffer limited backlash for the scandal. If you are environmentally conscious you might want to research more about this topic and how their vehicles are performing on these tests now.

Which Engine Has The Best Reviews?

When searching for the right used Volkswagen Golf, definitely start by checking under the hood. There are the gasoline engine options like the 1.6-litre with 102 horsepower and the 1.4-litre with 80 horsepower. The problem with these is that they’re pretty rare and thirsty as well. Then, there’s the 1.2 TSI four-cylinder engine making up to 105 horsepower. This one has received positive comments and buyers say it feels powerful and has no problem heating up during winter seasons. The 1.4 TSI, though, is perfect for commuting - if you are ready to ignore the mechanical issues on the 170-horsepower one. If not, choose one from the 122-horsepower variety. The 2.0-litre is a nice choice, although you might wish it had more than 150 hp. Considering everything previously mentioned, it comes as no surprise that the favourite engine among buyers has been the 1.9 TSI and it has continuously received the best reviews, mostly thanks to its impressive reliability.

Golf 5 Vs. Golf 6

If you are deciding between these two, it might be a good idea to cover some pros and cons of both of these vehicles. The Golf 5 was the company’s best-selling vehicle that’s now replaced by the Golf 6. Although Golf 6 has fewer problems, it is actually not bulletproof. The Golf 5 is quick, reliable and very practical. When it comes to the engine, try to listen for any type of rattle noises as this can indicate some problems with the weak point, which is the high pressure fuel pump. The Golf 6 tends to have some problems with door locks, the air conditioning and defrosting mechanism.

Find The Best Deal

With the help of this guide, keep in mind some common issues to look out for when buying a used Volkswagen Golf. The important diesel emission scandal is mentioned here to make you aware of the company’s failure to report the problem. Otherwise, the Volkswagen Golf vehicles are a good investment and offer a dynamic performance and fun drives, making them a favourite of millions around the world and with good reason. You definitely won’t go wrong with a Volkswagen if you shop around carefully and make an educated decision.