Nissan Rogue named 2017 Consumer Guide® Automotive Best Buy Award winner

December 29 2019

There is a new Rogue on the block and Nissan could not have wished for a better launch onto an unsuspecting marketplace for their new 2017 Rogue model. Awarded top ranking in its class by the Consumer Guide, this first Rogue Hybrid model gained the Best Buy award founded on value and versatility. The evaluation procedures related to this award, examine each aspect of every competing vehicle, in relation to the everyday driving experiences and demands of consumers.

The 2017 Nissan Rogue justified its recognition from being test driven and evaluated by Consumer Guide editors, in competition with over 150 other vehicles. From these, an exclusive selection is made that result in the highest ranking Best Buy Award.

According to the examining editors, the Nissan Rogue provides fuel efficiency with superior interior materials and versatile passenger-cargo facilities that can be matched by very few compact SUVs. This is another progression for the 2017 Nissan Rogue, since the redesigned second generation in the 2014 model year. The 2017 model boasts an enhanced utility and extended suite of Nissan Safety Shield technologies. A further development is a new gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain, which is available in two grade levels. Buyers are also given a choice of front-wheel or AWD.

Crossover opportunity

Innovation and state-of-the-art technology make the 2017 Rogue a competent vehicle and one that is comfortable and fun to drive. You can start the engine from outside the vehicle; open the liftgate without any effort whatsoever. The optional Intelligent Cruise Control will help adapt to traffic flow automatically, and return to the set speed as traffic eases.

No matter what you encounter during your driving experience your Rogue is innovatively capable of handling it. This is aided by features such as the EZ FLEX seating system and the Divide-N-Hide cargo system that provides easy access and added space. Also available for added styling are double-stitched leather-appointed seats, a heated steering wheel, Memory Seats, and Mirrors. Another enhancement is interior LED lighting that creates a particular almost subliminal environment.

The Best Buy award winning Rogue offers motorists opportunities in a crossover vehicle. From innovative technology designed to make motoring and life, in general, more convenient, to a sports-type exterior that projects a personalized style, the 2017 Nissan Rogue has award influencing all-round versatility. An enhanced front, optional Power Panoramic Moonroof, and Premium LED rear lights, are only a few of the attractions that will draw attention, anytime! With the Nissan Rogues new and vibrant exterior and interior, this 2017 model also makes Nissan history as the first Rogue Hybrid.