Powertrain Enhancements for new 2017 GMC Canyon

January 13 2020

The new GMC Canyon midsize truck which is due to be released in Canada during the fourth quarter of 2017 comes with many new and updated features. Besides three new exterior metallic colours, there will be a revised IntelliLink infotainment system with a seven-inch touchscreen. Added to the standard trims of the 2016 model, the new and updated features of the 2017 GMC Canyon are impressive, with increased towing capacity, smooth ride quality, and strong engine options. The convenient dashboard holds a revised IntelliLink infotainment system complete with an easy to use seven-inch touchscreen and the Teen Driver feature.

As the truck will be offered with a variety of trim levels and cab configurations, drivers will have the opportunity to select the vehicle powertrain most suitable for their particular needs. As well, there are three new colour options for drivers to choose from for their 2017 GMC Canyon. They are Mineral Metallic, Red Quartz Metallic, and Dark Slate Metallic.

Significant powertrain enhancements

The GMC exclusive new 3.6 Liter LGZ V6 engine produces 308 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque paired to an advanced eight-speed automatic transmission that will be available with the 2017 Canyon. Advanced fuel-saving technology such as continuously variable valve timing as well as Active Fuel Management and an upgraded direct fuel injection system will feature in the new powertrain line-up. The two extra cogs, three added horsepower, and six more pounds of torque in the 2017 GMC Canyon will make a vast difference to the acceleration of this vehicle.

Towing ability

The combination of additional powertrain enhancements for the 2017 GMC Canyon should ensure an excellent delivery of low fuel consumption as well as provide premium towing and haul. The Environmental Protection Agency rates the 2017 Canyon 4x4 is capable of 100 km/14.0 L city and 100 km/9.9 L hwy and has a towing capacity of up to 3,175 kg (or 7,000 lbs.). This is second in the segment only when compared to the Duramax diesel engine which is also available on the Canyon midsize truck

The truck for 2017

The classy looking 2017 GMC Canyon is probably more than adequately sized for most people’s convenience. The Canyon is coming with an exterior that is stylish and well-fitted comfortable interior complete with many features not often found in a smaller sized truck. The pricing for the vehicle is due to be announced nearer to the release date. The 2017 GMC Canyon is a very good option for those drivers considering buying a new midsize pickup truck.