Shopping for a Used Audi Q5? Here’s What You Need to Know!

March 25 2020

If you're currently in the market for a used midsize SUV then you're going to be in love with your options. With the growing popularity of SUVs in recent years, car buyers have a variety of options when looking to purchase second-hand vehicles. A car that has stood out over the years and has constantly impressed critics has been the Audi Q5. This spectacular luxury compact SUV adeptly combines prestige with comfort, yet still retains its athletic character.

Challenging the Land Rover Discovery Sport, Volvo XC60 and BMW X3, the Q5 could be had with a wide range of four and six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, making it a winning proposition for a range of buyers.  The Q5 has always been a popular car, and this is a bonus when it comes to buying second-hand as there are loads of high quality, well looked after examples available at handsome prices. Pricing is always a key component when it comes to buying second-hand, you will be getting bang for your buck with the Audi Q5, with prices starting as low as $40,000 for a second-hand 2019 Audi Q5, you'll certainly be getting your money’s worth.

Audi Q5 is well worth a look, it’s a practical, well-built SUV that’s comfortable to drive and comes with lots of equipment. It has a generous selection of tech and its spacious cabin feels more solid than the other compact SUVs such as the Mercedes GLC. Inside everything’s set out with ease of use in mind and all the controls are natural to use, the standard 7-inch touchscreen is much easier to use than the display you get in the Mercedes GLC. And, you have the option to upgrade the Audi Q5 with a huge digital screen in place of traditional instruments which gives it an upmarket appearance. There are loads of useful places for you to store family paraphernalia and there’s enough space in the front and back seats for taller adults to get comfy. There’s more space for three passengers in the back than you get in the BMW X3 and more than enough room in the trunk for a baby stroller and some large suitcases or a bike.

Safety is an important consideration in the luxury crossover market and the Audi Q5 boasts some sleek safety technology, specifically the Pre Sense. This cutting-edge tech intervenes and adjusts the vehicle if impact is expected, it does so by closing the side windows and sunroof and tightening the safety belts. It's also able to identify vehicles and even pedestrians, and when a possible collision is identified the Pre Sense will automatically apply full brakes. The safety tech doesn't stop there, it goes above and beyond with its superior cruise control that manoeuvres in traffic-heavy areas, as well as active lane assist. All these amazing features are gift wrapped and delivered in the Q5, making it a rather desirable car for today's hectic and busy roads, offering peace of mind for drivers everywhere.The Audi Q5 is one of the most tech savvy SUVs on the market and some of the special features it boasts are mouth-watering. It boasts a virtual cockpit, a high-tech digital screen for drivers to adjust to suit their preferences. This is paired with MMI (Multi Media Interface) scribble pad with 8 shortcuts which makes things a lot simpler for the user. Audi Q5’s pride and joy is its Adaptive Air Suspension, this is an electronically operated suspension system that uses air springs on each corner of the vehicle. This provides the driver with a smooth yet sporty feel, what more can you ask for?