Simple Maintenance Tips to help extend the life of your car

October 12 2020

When you become a car owner, you are making an investment. It is your responsibility to take care of car maintenance, ensuring that your vehicle stays in top shape. By maintaining your vehicle with some car care, you are able to hold on to the value of your car, making it easy to trade in or sell to purchase a new vehicle in the future. If you do not maintain the car as needed, you can experience high repair costs, travel interruptions and stress. Learn the ways you could be slowly killing your car below so that you do not make any mistakes as a car owner.

Check Engine Light
When the check engine light comes on in your vehicle, there is something going on. It could be a malfunction of the check engine light or you actually have a problem. Once you see this light, it should not be ignored. If you ignore the light you could do damage to your vehicle. Have the car or truck inspected by a mechanic to see what might be going on.

Fluid and Filter Maintenance
For your vehicle to remain protected and in operation, there are fluids and filters that must be changed on a regular basis. From the oil and coolant fluids to filters, all of these components should be changed out on a regular basis to ensure the car is able to function properly. Such changes are needed to protect the components and systems of the vehicle.

Tire Care
The tires of your vehicle are very important and should be cared for. Inflation should be checked for as well as tread depth on a regular basis so your tires do wear out. Safety, performance and gas mileage can be impacted negatively due to neglecting your tires.

Service Schedule
Every vehicle has a service schedule that should be followed. Car parts and components wear out over time or can become damaged. Vehicles need to follow the service schedule in order to perform properly. Keep your car running effectively by following this schedule.

Wash Your Vehicle
If you do not wash your vehicle on a regular basis, you could be creating a buildup of damaging chemicals as well as dirt. Rusting can occur as well as vision problems due to the buildup of grime.

Avoid Being a Hard Driver
Driving a car takes knowledge as well as care. It is important to learn how to drive smart and not drive your vehicle hard. Be sure to observe the speed limit, do not be aggressive, avoid hauling items that are unnecessary and keep your car in tune.

All of these aspects should be adhered to so that you can rest easy knowing that you are protecting your investment. Set reminders to follow servicing schedules as well as regular maintenance of your vehicle. Your car will last for an extended period of time without the need for repairs due to your quality care.

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