Top 3 Reasons to Buy a BMW X1

November 07 2019

If you are looking for a flexible, reliable and safe mid-size SUV, you should consider BMW X1 and some of the amazing features it offers. This vehicle is more than just elegant styling, it has plenty to offer inside and out. Take a look at our top 3 reasons the X1 is worthy of your investment.

Crisp Handler

Most drivers want to find a vehicle that will offer good performance for the money. By performance, they usually mean the speed, handling, and comfort. You can find all of this in a used BMW X1 vehicle. It’s fun to drive and gives all passengers the maximum comfort for the size and the price. It has an eight-speed automatic transmission with xDrive all-wheel-drive technology in the xDrive28i trim grade. If you want an added performance, you can get a discreet rocket of ute in the X1 available from 2013 with an xDrive35i.

Owners are often heard praising the vehicle and the manufacturer for the smooth and seamless all-wheel-drive system. Drivers confidently feel the car grip the road with no second-guessing and an acceleration which is above adequate with BMW X1. When purchasing a used vehicle like this one, check all the locks and electronics for functionality and usability before you buy. You should also check for unwelcome sounds and feelings while shifting or switching through gears.

Great Characteristics

There are many different trims and generations of the vehicle, all of which should offer decent riding experiences. You have an option of a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine model which was paired off with eight-speed automatic transmission producing about 241 horsepower while having a 258 pound-feet torque. Next, you have the xDrive35i model which was new for 2013 and used the same 3.0-litre turbocharged six-cylinder engine that you can see in many modern BMW models. It produced about 300 horsepower and had a 300 pound-feet torque which came in a package with a six-speed automatic.

There are no manuals transmissions in the slightly newer versions. When testing, look for a strange sound coming from the BMW transfer case, problems with the all-wheel-drive system or anything not as usual or normal when buying a used BMW X1 since many used car buyers reported these issues. They can usually be solved under a warrantable repair, if covered.

Good Looking and Safe

The inside of this vehicle looks amazing and upscale compared to the other vehicles from the price and class range. They used premium, soft and luxurious materials which feel amazing to the touch and even better for sitting and driving. The front seats feel supportive and comfortable while the back bench can be a bit flat because of the folding. However, the backspace is roomy and leaving enough leg space below the seats. This vehicle is also flexible and you can fold the back seats to increase the ample cargo space. Making completing errands simple and quick. Some report issues with not enough features in the interior like cup holders and space for small belongings. However, this can easily be fixed with additions you can buy for the car. Even though this vehicle is extremely safe, pay attention to locks and any safety systems and check them for malfunctions before buying used.

Bottom Line

The BMW X1 is an excellent used vehicle for anyone who has a bit higher budget in order to get great value in a car which is flexible enough to be a family vehicle as well as an amazing sporty vehicle for fun rides. Take a look at more values at CBB!