Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Mercedes Sprinter

November 07 2019

Mercedes Sprinter is a reliable vehicle which can offer you a lot of value and versatility for a good price. Many drivers and contractors are looking for a reliable and well functioning used van. If you are one of them, here are the top three reasons why you should consider a Mercedes Sprinter.

Ample Cargo

Drivers looking for a van that can take a lot of stuff or people are going to love this huge spaced van. If you are looking to do a lot of moving around, or if you’re ready to turn this vehicle up into a full-blown camper or you simply have a large family that cannot fit into any car no matter the size, this is a vehicle for you.

Even though most vans look a bit unsightly, Mercedes does a pretty good job with this one, adding good-looking grills at the front and making it look smaller than it really is overall.

The Mercedes Sprinter is 197.6cm high inside with a 183.9cm door opening height and 452.6cm of cargo space. It also has 12100ltrs of volume.

There is a step behind the rear door which makes the van easy to load even though the floor is pretty high and there are many ratchet strap latch points which make it easy to secure the load. There is a sliding door on the side which is great for loading and unloading of the van while the doors stay firmly put once closed and during the rides.

Maneuvering Power

Despite there being a lot of cargo together with an overstep and an overhang, the owners report that it’s easy to move this vehicle around the city when it’s fully loaded. It does take some attention and extra care, especially for the first time drivers of such vehicles but it’s manageable, especially with the wide mirrors which are great for monitoring the back end.

Most of the danger is unsurprisingly coming from the overhang which is over a metre long and some drivers worried if the vehicle will strike something. Again, mirrors aid you with that, especially the lower parts of the mirrors.

Another thing bothering the drivers is the suspension because the Sprinter weighs about 1735kg when full and they mostly feel like they will have a bumpy, uncomfortable ride which will cause damage to their possessions - or worse, be uncomfortable for someone riding in the back. But the suspension absorbs all of the bumps in the road and dips in even those roads that are heavily under construction.

Decent Characteristics

This vehicle has a 2.1-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel engine producing about 161 horsepower which can do a great job handling any amount of things in the back and drive with even more power with just passengers in the front.

This vehicle has the 7-speed automatic transmission which enables the smooth drives and makes sure that you remain safe. Although, you might want to opt for a 3.0-litre diesel featuring 188 horsepower and 325 pound-feet torque if you are planning to move a lot of stuff frequently.

Bottom Line

In essence, this vehicle serves its purpose impeccably. When buying it used, make sure to check out the doors and how they close as well as the sounds the engine and suspensions produce since carrying a lot of weight for an extended time can sometimes put some wear on this van.