Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Used Mitsubishi Outlander

November 05 2019

A new Mitsubishi has come out in 2018 and you can now find the Mitsubishi from 2017 among the used vehicles. If you like it but can’t be sure whether to get it, here is a quick guide why you should.

Good Overall Characteristics

The used Mitsubishi Outlander will amaze you with its basic characteristics which are excellent for a vehicle of this price and class. Besides looking good and giving out that sense of style with comfort and usability that most users appreciate, this vehicle looks good on the inside as well.

The basic ES model has a 2.4-litre engine with four cylinders which make for 166 horsepower while the more expensive 3.0-litre V6 engine makes for 224 horsepower and can be found in both the SE and GT models but surely, for a heftier price. Both types of vehicles are widely available as used and they retain their great characteristics over time, not suffering from damages or wear easily. Even though some say it has a tepid acceleration, this vehicle is still pretty fast and reliable. The Mitsubishi Outlander also has a host of safety features like seven airbags, anti-lock brakes and a rearview camera as standard features. It also has a stability control and traction control systems. As additional features, you can choose from a lane-departure warning, tire pressure monitoring system or 360-degree camera.

Plenty of Space

Three-row seating is a standard feature with the V6 engine model while it’s an additional feature with four-cylinder engine model with an all-wheel-drive. This means that if you want the third row specifically, you will have to find a vehicle that offers it since there are many four-cylinder models that do not. The passengers on both the second and the third row get a lot of room for the feet since this vehicle is uniquely spacious in the back for a three-row vehicle. The seats are comfortable - cushions are soft and nice to sit in even though some claim to dislike the materials they have been made of, giving them a cheaper look and feel. As for the driver, they will be able to find the driving comfy and enjoyable as well since the front seat offers enough space for anyone and the seat is just as soft and cushiony as the ones in the back. There is a little room in the back which can be increased by taking out the third row and folding the second row of the seats, leaving you with a practical cargo space for any larger objects. The seats are also great for children of different ages if you are looking for a family car that will take you through the years to come.

Great Driving Experience

The V6 engine has a six-speed automatic transmission and the four-cylinder uses a variable transmission which makes it easy to ride without major issues and decent speed. This vehicle is a nice and quiet car since the windshield is made out of an acoustic glass with sound-dampening properties and the inside is insulated from road noise. There is also dampener on the suspension and the rear differential.

This vehicle will not only give you a good driving experience but also a lot of room and something you can rely on. Get more car values on CBB!