Top 3 Reasons to Buy BMW X5

November 05 2019

The BMW X5 is a large SUV which is pleasant to drive and comes with a strong engine. It offers a decent amount of power with generous features and strikingly good looks. It has a beautiful interior which is also comfortable and sound-proof thus providing quiet rides. Like all vehicles, it does have its issues but it doesn't stop it from being an amazing choice for anyone looking for an SUV. Despite the pitfalls, here are some reasons to buy this vehicle:

Great Pick for Safety and Reliability 

The BMW X5 didn't use to have head restraints in 2007 which made that version of this model unsuitable for the 'Top Safety Pick'. However, later versions –starting from 2008 - included this feature helping it to achieve this award – making this one of your best bets when it comes to safety. Everything about this vehicle is aimed at safety – it's large, heavy and has elevated seating which means more protection for passengers. It features lane departure warning systems, active steering, and adaptive cruise control. Optional features include a multiview-camera and park assist. While it has been deemed a safe vehicle for a long time, it was only the recent versions – like the one from 2013 – that was announced to be reliable as well. The 2013 X5 has improved a lot, especially when it comes to the fuel system, electrical system, and audio equipment.

Roomy Interior 

This vehicle has more space than the previous versions. There is a large number of style changes which allow the car to be wider, taller and longer. BMW X5 has enough space for the third row of seats even though its weight remains the same. All of this makes it an ideal long-distance vehicle where the passengers would have enough room and the driver can have all the space he needs to maneuver. The seats are also comfortable and plush, making it perfect for children when travelling on holidays or vacations.

Decent Features 

The basic trims include X5 3.0si with a 3.0L and X5 4.8i with a 4.8L V8. Both of these versions come with a six-speed transmission and an all-wheel-drive system. The six-cylinder engine creates 260 horsepower which is quite impressive with 225lb.-ft. torque. It uses premium fuel and spends 13.5l/100 kilometres in the city and 9.3 litres on the highway. The V8 engine has 350 horsepower a torque of 350lb.-ft. It consumes a lot of premium fuel – 15.9 L /100 kilometres while spending 10.2l in the city. This doesn't exactly scream 'fuel economy' but you can expect that at this size and power of the vehicle. It offers great handling and it's sharp to drive. BMW has a great infotainment system with navigation and it's among the best – very intuitive and it's controlled through a rotary dial. Additional kits involve 18in alloys, heated seats, Bluetooth and parking sensors.

The End Result

This is a great vehicle in the price range and it offers a lot of great features which can make you even happier. If you are looking for vehicles within this price range, you need to look no further than the BMW X5.