Toyota Continues to Impress with the Most Canadian Black Book Awards

April 29 2020

Part of the Toyota philosophy in respect of its Canadian market is to deliver the best possible product and a commitment to add value to the entire vehicle ownership experience. Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) received from two recognized organizations 15 further residual & retained value awards. To various generations of vehicle owners the brand name, Toyota, has in some respects achieved the status of, legendary. Various questions have been asked and debated regarding the “magic” marketing formula applied by this corporation in gaining its phenomenal success.

The majority of owners of Toyota manufactured vehicles believe they receive value for their investment. This is furthered by concern for the environment and the corporation being the originator of various and innovative technologies, amongst which, is the first mass-produced electric-gasoline car.

It could be said by some that the following was contributed to by the results of historic developments in the Toyota Corporation. In February 2017, Toyota Canada Incorporated (TCI) was given recognition in the form of 15 residual & retained value awards from two prestigious organizations. This was enhanced by TCI being given recognition with Canadian Black Book (CBB) awards, more than any other automotive manufacturer, and for the eighth consecutive year!

However, to get close to the heart of the matter, you must go back in time to the inception of Toyota and its inherent belief in the value of Research & Development. It is a crucial factor that has been appreciated and developed by the Toyota brand from its beginnings.

Larry Hutchinson, President, and CEO of Toyota Canada Incorporated summed it up very well when he said that “At the heart of the great product we deliver to Canadians is our commitment to adding value to the overall ownership experience,” and that; “These awards are deeply meaningful because they speak to the long-term benefits our customers enjoy across our broad line-up of vehicles, including exceptional quality, great fuel economy and lower cost of ownership.” This to coin a phrase is the proven and sustained Toyota philosophy, in a nutshell!

Power of Commitment

Toyota worldwide has recognized that commitment is not a temporary condition, to be switched on and off to suit media and boardroom requirements. It is shown by this corporation to be a tangible asset and the reason why in 2017, recognition was given to Toyota with a total of nine awards. They included the recently introduced award for Top Overall Brand in the truck & SUV category.

Commitment; since 2010, the brand has achieved 49 CBB awards, and its closest competitor; only 12. Adding to this; ALG announced that this year, Toyota vehicles won 6-Residual Value Awards, exceeding all other automotive manufacturers for the third successive year!