Understanding the Value of your Used Honda Civic

October 30 2019

When it comes to reasons to invest in a used 2015 Honda Civic, the first one that stands out is the fact that the Civic is one of the most successful models of the Japanese car manufacturer by far. First launched in 1972, the number of Civics that have been sold worldwide is simply too large to count. Investing in something that millions of people around the world have already bought before you is not only common sense but also makes for a perfectly sound financial decision. If you happen to be on the lookout for a used vehicle that comes equipped with tried and tested reliability and usability, here are just a few reasons why the Civic makes for a smart buying decision:

• Sound driving experience

• Affordable pricing

• Exceptional safety features

• Usable tech

Sound Driving Experience

Among the many great things to be found on pretty much any used Honda Civic, the exceptionally smooth transmission is a particular detail praised by many. On the other hand, if you’re not a big fan of gear shifting, you can also opt for the CVT version of the transmission. In addition to the smooth and clean shifting, Civics like the 2015 model in particular incorporates additional features that make the drive seamless. Examples include air-filtration, power seating, cruise control and many others that combine to make the car an absolute joy to ride.

Affordable Pricing

A particular aspect of concern to every owner, current or potential, when it comes to their vehicle of choice is the price. This is yet another aspect in which buying used is enticing. When it comes to buying a used Civic the long term value is the biggest benefit. A used vehicle may have some extra kilometers on it as well as slight wear and tear but you can pretty much get all of the same features of a new car at an even more affordable price. The reasonable pricing of used Civics really makes them an economical choice for every single driver out there.

Exceptional Safety Features

The 2015 Honda Civic model is packed with useful tech features, many of which have been designed as driver aids and are intended to enhance the safety of all passengers. For example, voice recognition is available for text messages if you are in need of your phone while driving. This actually turns out to be quite a useful feature considering that one in four car accidents are the result of smartphone usage during driving. It doesn’t end there, though – the Civic also incorporates rear headrests, ABS, GPS, airbags, and many other essential safety features.

Usable Tech

There is no hiding the fact that, when it comes to sheer technological advancements, Honda has always been a winner. Unmatched tech features have been a staple among all Honda vehicles, and especially the Civic, whether we’re just talking about the mid-size sedan segment or the actual year when the Civic first saw light of day. The 2015 model, for example, continues the tradition of its ancestors and even comes equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Why Does The Civic Hold Its Value, Then?

Simply put, because it was designed to do so from the beginning. The Honda Civic strikes a nearly ideal balance of affordability, luxury, economy, and performance, all the while boasting lower maintenance costs compared to various competitors in different categories. According to some stats, the average small car loses 60% of its value over a five-year period, at best. At the same time, Honda manages to keep those numbers down to 35%, on average. This translates into the fact that a used Honda Civic is much cheaper to own over the long term, making it the ideal choice for your daily needs.