What Changes are Coming for the 2019 Subaru Forester?

February 22 2021

The Subaru Forester, despite the fact it’s always been stylish, has called out to drivers looking for a practical vehicle. Known for its outstanding utilitarian features, its quirky looks won some fans over too. 

Now in 2019, the Forester is about to get a facelift - and this is no minor nip-and-tuck. The latest generation has undergone wholesale changes so while it may still look vaguely like a Forester on the outside, underneath you’ll find there’s plenty new to get excited about.

On the exterior it’s still recognizable as a Forester but it’s undeniably more sculpted and sleek. Some reviews have described it as more athletic in appearance, and that’s an accurate portrayal too. 

The interior has undergone a revamp too, providing a modern splash of colour in small doses while soft-touch plastics and interesting textures and finishes throughout. It’s always been spacious inside, and that hasn’t changed - your passengers will still be comfy, especially as the seats have been provided with longer bases. In the trunk the cargo opening has been made wider, and that with the ability to flatten the seats and tie them down provides an enormous space, if needed. 

The Eyesight package is an excellent addition to the Subaru, and one way in which it notches up a considerable advance on it competitors. It comes as standard right across every trim bar the Convenience where it can be added as an optional extra. All of the driver assistance technology is found within Eyesight. There is an impressive list of features included in Eyesight, such as:

•  High beam assist

•  Automatic rear braking

•  Pre-collision brake assist

•  Lane sway and departure warning

•  Adaptive cruise control

•  Lead vehicle start alert

•  Lane-keep assist

•  Side/rear vehicle detection

•  Rearview camera

The list of features within Eyesight is impressive. The system works by using the two cameras either side of the rearview mirror, and if their view of the road ahead is blocked, the system will shut down. 

While the driver is ultimately responsible for keeping everyone in the car safe, Eyesight is a very useful aid. The system is designed to spot things before the human driver and provides alerts and warnings before the hazard is spotted. In some cases it does more than provide an audible alert; it may temporarily assume controls to take preventative action. 

If you’re not used to this level of tech in a car, it can feel unsettling at first. However, you only need to have the tech spot a potential hazard before you do once, and you’ll be grateful for its inclusion.

There is a further layer of protection which can be added; this is known as Starlink Safety Plus and is optional. It will add features such as stolen vehicle recovery, automatic door locking/unlocking and remote control of the horn and headlights. 

In terms of performance, the larger platform is stiffer than the old Forester and that provides a much more dynamic drive. The X-Mode function is another new feature for the Forester and provides more traction in tough road conditions. The system becomes more sensitive and also prevents brakes locking up, enabling your vehicle to cope in even the most demanding road conditions of them all. 

Many people were fans of the Subaru Forester before, and although the 2019 is different, there’s unlikely to be anything to upset hardcore fans - and it could just win over some new ones too. With its innovative use of technology, smart interior and stylish lines, there’s not really anything not to love.